beautiful pattern with crochet gown

Today I have a beautiful free crochet project for very charming girls. Muto easy to do. These babies are beautiful dresses? I hope you enjoy it very well as I liked. Follow the standard of living for the free production of this model. The colors are free, you choose. It's a real charm to the imposing women. I hope you liked it. If you liked will share our messages. Since the Internet is wonderful for those who know how to use. we can not find beautiful crochet and can share. Stay with God and good crochet. Will share all like this blog

Materials for crochet dress:
1 line ball (pink)
1 Skein Lace Knitting Circle Perfect Love 251 Colors (Pink)
Color Circle 1 Ball Susi 9288 (Mixed White)
Crochet hook No. 1.25,
50 cm circle of white satin ribbon with 0.5 cm,
3 pink buttons with a diameter of 1 cm
1 pearl.

Points used:
Small chain (corr.). Low (bp): introduced ag, lace, pull the p ... and other yields, throw all .. high point (per year):. Income, enter the ag, Income, pull the p ... rendas., Arrem., 2 p. And others Lace., Arrem. All p ..
Shovel: Follow the chart.
Flower: Follow the graphic.
Point Arcs: Follow the graph.
Pass Ribbon: Follow the chart.

Sample - A square of 10 cm on p. O. with ag. N = 30, p 1.25. X 14 carr.

Step by step:
With the Clea wire make a run. 144 p. 3 more corr. To connect and work the visor in carr. Round trip after the chart. After the p chart stops working. The sleeves, working in a circle on p. The front and back of a Carr. W. O. and Carr. Pass the tape after firing. And leave the waiting. Cut knit lace strips, or crochet a handle with 70 cm, 2 strips with 150 cm and 200 cm with a strip. Sew the ends of the strips to close the circle. To join the strips work with Clea thread. The following graphic arcs make a powder. B. in one band and another p. B. the other strip. Make joining strips 1-70 cm join tongue on hold. Then two 150 cm, and finally 200 cm.

Flower - Corded Susi make a corr. 8 w. Close the circle and work the following graphic flower. Make 5 p. O. each flower chart arrow. Sew the flower on the right side of the front fabric of the dress. Hold the pearl in the center of the flower. Thread the ribbon into Carr. Pass the tape, leave the tips back to tie. Clea wires to the left side of the rear opening 3 Carr. P. b .. Sew buttons in the center of 3 Carr. W.B. The opening of the back, the first half cm of the edge of the neck, the other 3 cm between them. Button between p. Opening the back on the right side.

I hope you have enjoyed this beautiful pink dress.

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