Cardigan crochet with standard

Learn how to make this beautiful crochet coat to give birthday gift. This beautiful craft requires few materials and your step by step is very simple, check below and customize as you wish. The colors are free, you choose. I hope you liked it. If you liked will share our messages. Since the Internet is wonderful for those who know how to use. we can not find beautiful crochet and can share. Stay with God and good crochet. Will share all like this blog

100 g wire in blue
Leftovers wire in white
50 cm satin ribbon in white
1 of 3 mm crochet hook
Points needed:

Step by step:

Ride a corr. 17 cm, p. fantasy by 20 cm forward, Job. each side separately for each measuring 6 cm front Work. by 20 cm, do the same the other hand, make the side 2 carr., at p. fantasy, make each side one corr. Work and 15 cm. the mango.

Follow the chart to the visor in a total of 10 carr, divide it into four parts, forming:. Front, back and sleeves, scoring with wire line. Pass the Job. with Figure 2, Job. by 15 cm sleeves circular and p. Fantasy 2 by 12 cm, make the other sleeve the same. Finish: make a carr. of b.p. all around. Thread the satin ribbon in white by-pass ribbons.

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