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Charming Crochet Bunny With Standard

I love crochet. See this cute rabbit crochet for decoration or gift for the one you love, isn't it beautiful? This free crochet project is delicious and simple to make, and the colors you choose. Especially when it finishes the project. Was not as magnificent decoration in crochet? Follows the pattern if you want to share will all rights projects found here. The Internet has been a blessing, because we always find what you need right? God is good and crochet. See the following project:

Let the material and step by step. view the following project:

1 p. 6 SC in aro
2 p. 6 increases (from now on, etc.) (12)
3 p. 1sbn, Prospect 6raz (18)
4.2sbn, Prospect 6raz (24)
5.3sbn, Prospect 6raz (30)
6-10r. by 30sbn
11R. K-10-bend 1sbn (20)
12-15r receptacle for 20sbn
16 p. 5sbn (K factor of 5), 5sbn (15)
17 p. K-factor 5 1sbn (10)
filling & sealing
of the head
1.6sbn the ring
2 p. 6PR (12)
3 p. 1sbn, Prospect 6raz (18)
4.2sbn, Prospect 6raz (24)
5.3sbn, Prospect 6raz (30)
6 p. 4sbn, Prospect 6raz (36)
7.5sbn, Prospect 6raz (42)
8 p. 6sbn, Prospect 6raz (48)
9-16r. by 48sbn
17 p. K-6sbn 6raz (42)
18 p. K-5sbn 6raz (36)
19F. K-4sbn 6raz (30)
20 p. K-3sbn 6raz (24)
21 p. K-2sbn 6raz (18)
22p. UB. 1sbn-6raz (12)
filling & sealing

2 p., Second 1sbn off the hook, 14sbn, 5PS, 10ssn, past 3ssn, the transition to the other side 10ssn, 5PS, 15sbn
3. CH 3, 2 CCH 30SS ss transition to the other side, with the purpose of ss
1.6sbn the ring
2 p. 6PR (12)
3-4r in 12sbn
5 p, 10sbn K (11)
6 p K 9sbn (10)
7-9r in 10sbn
8sbn 10 K (9)
11-14r at 9sbn
filling & sealing
1 p 6vp
2 p in the second 4sbn the hook, a 3sbn, 3sbn, etc. (12)
3 p etc., 3sbn, 3 sc 3PR 2NP (18)
SC 4 p, etc. 4sbn, 3sbn etc, etc, etc. 4sbn 2sbn (22)
5-6r in 22sbn
6sbn 7 p, K, 6sbn, K, 6sbn (20)
8 p 6sbn, 2UB, sc, 2sbn 5sbn (16)
9 p 4sbn, 4sbn K, 3UB (12)
10-15r in 12sbn
filling and closing. 

A cute free crochet design. I hope you enjoyed that. Share will all projects that they like. Good crochet.


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Do you have the pattern in English?

So cute.....have no idea what these instructions mean....english....are you selling it ..very interested in the rabbit as well.

So what's the deal? You put everything in english except the pattern. There is no translation for any of the words you didn't put in english. Since everything else is in english, why isn't the pattern?

Pouvez-vous dire en quelle langue le patron est mis, je ne connais pas ces termes ! Merci !

I love the pattern but I am English speaking only and cannot understand pattern.

How about a chart? No need to translate words if there's a chart.....thanks!