Booties in pink with crochet pattern

Hello girls, Today I have a wonderful pink slipper crochet I learned. Muto easy to do. This beautiful shoe in very charming crochet, follows the pattern only grarfico. I hope you enjoy it very well as I liked. The colors are free, you choose. It is a real charm. I hope you liked it. If you liked will share our messages. Since the Internet is wonderful for those who know how to use. we can not find beautiful crochet and can share. Stay with God and good crochet. Will share all like this blog...

Booties Rose:

• Camila Fashion Line (Nov. 500 m.): 1 November. 1180 in color (pink).
• Swan Geniale (Nov 100 g.): Nov 1. 413 in color (pink).
• Needle nickel to crochet chain Milward 1.75 mm.
• Needle Darning current Milward # 7.
• Small Pearls and two small buttons with applied flower.

Abbreviations and points used:
• ag. - needle; arrem. - Cast off; carr. - Career; corr. - Little chain; per annum - high point; b.p. - low point; p.bx.
- extremely low point; Work. - work.
• With wire Camila Fashion lot 18 corr. and Job. following the diagram in carr. circular. At the end of the 5th carr.,
arrem ..
• Tip: Work. 10 p.a. uniformly distributed in the central p.a. tip 28 forming a half-moon and at the end,
close to 1 p.bx. 1 on top of these p., forming the instep. Then Work. the two carr. heel
as shown in the diagram; at the end of the 2nd carr., to strip buttoning, do 13 corr., 1 p.bx. in 6th corr. counting
ag. for buttoning house and arrem. all around the shoe with 1 carr. of b.p.
• Fold the wire in half and Swan Geniale make 1 carr. 2 b.p. arrem. together on the tape the fold, holding the two
halves together and well wrinkling his frill. Make a frill as instep contour and one in
As the back of the barrel. Gift this frill with dots by hand. Hold the button on the shoe and secure pearls
scattered in ruffles. Make another shoe unlike this.
pink sneaker: size - 6 to 12 months

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