Hat with crochet pattern

Today I have a beautiful crochet project I learned following the step by step. Muto easy to do. This beautiful hat in very charming crochet. I hope you enjoy it very well as I liked. Follow the standard of living for the free production of this model. The colors are free, you choose. It is a real charm. I hope you liked it. If you liked will share our messages. Since the Internet is wonderful for those who know how to use. we can not find beautiful crochet and can share. Stay with God and good crochet. Will share all like this blog

- Line

- Needle crochet n ° 3
corr - little chain
pbx - point ultra low
pa- high point
Start making 4 little chains, shut in a circle with a sl st
4 corr., 11 pa with range 1corr close in a circle with a sl st
3 corr, 1 tr, 1 ch, then 2PA with 1corr range in the basic range 1corr
in carreriras next go doing as follows: 3PA with an interval of 2 corr
4PA with range 2corr
5PA with range 2corr
1PA, 2corr the basic pa, skip 1PA base 1PA in corr skip 2 base corr 1PA around all hat
1PA, 2PA 1PA 2PA 2corr 2PA 1PA 2PA 1PA (1corr 1PA 5vezes)
skip 2PA base 4PA 2PA 2corr 2PA 4PA jump 2 base pa 2corr 1PA 2corr 1PA 2corr 1PA 1PA 2corr 1PA 2corr 1PA to 8 rows
skip 2 base pa 4PA 2PA 2corr 2PA 2PA 2corr 1PA 2corr 4PA 1PA 2PA 2corr 2PA 4corr 1PA 2corr 1PA to 10 rows
in each sc 2bp make 2 rows - 2PA in each sc
10 corr 1corr to turn 1bp 8PA 1bp 2bp 8PA 1bp 1pbx to close

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PrÛximo Artigo PrÛximo
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