Hi how are you?!

Look at it this cuteness Peep Toe! crochet was a grace in the little foot of my princess!
I prepared the PAP this cuteness that is easy to make and easy to put on newborn screening, since it can be opened because the arc. The size of this shoe is from 0 to 3 months.
For this project I used the wire in pink and CRU and needle Clover 2,75mm.
Let's go then?!

This is the graph of the shoe sole. It is really cool because in the heel is narrower. You can use this chart to make several models of shoe, because the sole never changes right ?!

This is the graph (in red) of the shoe body. As it is tiny, two rows of high points are sufficient. Note that the beginning and the end of the second row is a decrease is made, that forms the slipper. Details, details ... :)

Here in this chart, the last row shows how it is done cordãozinho so that the bow of the shoe. Note that the heel are made two reductions, that will cause the shoe fit the heel prick, again, details, details ... :)

Then that's it!!! I hope you enjoyed, and as always, any questions, just call me, and comnpartilhe everything they find interesting on my blog !!!! Kisses in the heart...

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