Decoration for your Christmas. Sheep crochet

Sheep in crochet made for a beautiful craft work. It is a more laborious crochet crafts that challenges you to have more patience and understand more about crochet, thus leading to a result that surely will fill you with pride and satisfaction, and of course the kids will love to have this beautiful sheep crochet. Jesus was the sheep who gave himself to save humanity. The home is already coming.

Material For Sheep Made of Crochet
- 1 ball swan sweet baby 100m in cream;
- 1 500m skein of camila fashion in white;
- 3 skeins of 125m camila in raw colors, gray and black;
- 1 ball of 170m camila beige;
- 1 reflecta line pipe in silver color;
- Needle crochet chain milward 2mm;
- Needle tapestry current milward # 24;
- Universal adhesive for crafts;
- 1 rattle;
- 2 beads in black color;
- Silicone fiber.

Abbreviations used:

g. - needle;

arrem. - Cast off;

carr. - Career;

corr. - Little chain;

Work. - Work;

P. - Score;

per annum - high point;

b.p. - low point;

p.b.r.f.t. - Low relief done behind;

p.bx. - extremely low point.

Chart To Sheep Made Crochet

Body: It runs open. 2-wire line of raw, ride 20 corr. and Job. in bp following the respective diagram. At the same time, from the 3rd carr. hold the Swan Sweet Baby together, making b.p. pompom without involving part and so that the tassels become all the same side of the work on the elongated part. Trab. the 30th and 31th carr. only with the raw line. To the declines of the last two carr. you can jump one foot. base or Work. 2 bp closed together as prefer.
Body mounting: Close p. Hand forming a cone. Skip the line at one end and pucker, pressing well. Arrem. and pull the ends inside. Place the fiber and closing the other end of the same.

Legs:.. With 2 threads of beige line, mount corr 5, close circle with 1 p.bx. climb 1 race, to 7 bp ring and close circle. Make 4 increases in the 2nd carr. (= 12 bp) as indicated and go straight up to 12 carr. from the start. Arrem. Make 3 more legs equal to this. Fill the legs with fiber and attach the body: mark the bottom center line of the body and hold each leg 0.5 cm laterally that line. Give a blip in each pair of legs at the top, to keep them together.

Head with 2 threads of beige line, mount corr 5, close circle with 1 p.bx.. and adhere to the diagram in carr. circular, distributing evenly increases where necessary. 16th carr. and 20th carr., dec 4 p. uniformly distributed in carr. At the end of the 26th carr. arrem ..
Surface: Work. equal to head to the 2nd carr., after Job. as follows: 3rd carr .: 24 b.p. 5th and 6th carr .: 32 bp each. Arrem. Place the fiber in the head and close to the top, holding p. the hand. With Swan Sweet Baby, Job. 1 carr. of b.p. in carr. union, leaving every 2 pompoms together, loose, forming the "hair". Hold the head in the body.

Horn: It is inicado long edge and ends at the tip. With 2 is gray line wires, mount 15 corr., Close circle with 1 p.bx. and Job. in bp From the 6th carr., Dec 1 bp every 6 carr. until there are 4 bp 72 carr. and arrem. 4 p. together. Make another horn like this. Laying fiber on the horns with the help of a very long stick and hold them with dots hand centered on the top half of the top, next to the union. Strolling with the tip of each horn by the outer side and hold the tip with dots by hand (see photo).
Ears: With 2 threads of beige line, mount 9 corr. and follow the diagram. In the end, arrem .. Make another ear like this one and hold one on each side of the head, just in front of the horns, 2.5 cm distance between them.
Eyes:. With a thread of white line (gray in the diagram), mount 5 corr, close circle with 1 p.bx. and Job. the 2 carr. Arrem .. Hold one edge of the black line and Work. the contour of the eye (B on diagram). Arrem .. With 2 strands of black thread, embroidery 1 p. Rococo with 10 laps in the line g. in the center of the eye and arrem. Make 1 more eye like this. With one edge of the black line, Job. the Eyebrow: mount 9 corr. and adhere to the diagram. This is a suggestion. you can make it larger or smaller, as you prefer.
of Riding Mode:
Spend a basting in the center of the top of the head and glue the eyes. Hold the eyebrow in the middle, with one black miçanguinha. To form the muzzle, spend 1 thread beige line the 5th carr. the beginning of the head, from one side to the other, the upper half and pull arrem. and pull the wire ends into forming the nostrils.
Rattle: 4 wires Job silver lining. around 100 corr., pass the bell for this current corr. and hold the neck.
Tail: with a piece of Swan Sweet Baby, make a pad with 3 rounds and 2 pompoms at every turn and hold the goat with dots by hand.

Ready! Beautiful sheep made of crochet is not it? We hope you enjoy and perform to leave this cute sheep delight your home.

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