pattern with crochet in coat

Gorgeous coat model, jacket in crochet and knitting for children in colors that you can choose to match your taste and occasion. I'm bad for more details, and I hope you enjoy and can complete this beautiful work of art. It follows the pattern in this beautiful crochet work. thanks .. Good crochet

Material and standard:

round neck turndown - a distinctive feature of a jacket, decorated with pearl buttons and fine lace edging. Any questions that arise when knitting this model, you will be able to decide after reading our article "crochet techniques." Read other articles on "knitting for the baby." When mastering the art of crochet you help our accessible and understandable Pvideo - classes in crochet.

Youre gonna need it.
4 (5) ball of wool 50 g purple. Hooks 2,5 mm and 3 mm. 3 buttons.

For a child of 18 months. (2 years)

Measurements: chest - 61 (71) cm, length articles - 25 (28) cm without fringe, sleeve length - 16 (19) cm without fringe.

24 Art. 10 lines x = 13.5 x 10 cm, with crochet 3 mm thick.

. special reduction
UB 1: [h. n., insert the hook on the track. n., sec. n., pulled by p., s. n., stretching during the first 2 points. the hook] 2 times, h. n., stretching through all three points. on the hook
Approx. 1: Run 2 tbsp. s / n on track. n.

The backrest.
Assign 75 (87) c. n hook 3 mm thick ..
first line (people.) prop. 3. n., * 1 tbsp. s / n on track. w. n., rep. from * to end. . = 73 (85) N
2nd row:. 3. n * 1 tbsp. s / n on track. . N, * representative; Finish: 1 tbsp. S / N from the top in three. etc.; rep.

2nd row up to 32 (36) series.
1 line (people):.. 3. n, 1 tbsp. S / N in each of the following. 22 (26) n. [K. 1] 2 times, 1 st. c / 2N on track. n., turn. Continue to knit these n only one side ..
2nd row: 4. N. [K. 1] 2 times, * 1 tbsp. s / n on track. n., rep. from * to end. = 24 (28) n.
Attach the wire.

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