Beautiful blouse with knitting and crochet pattern

I'm just in love, i love crochet and knitting. It is a more beautiful work than the other .. a blouse with interesting details with charm and elegance. This model was found with the network standard and I was in love with the model. Is not it beautiful? . I'm bad for more details, and I hope you enjoy and can complete this beautiful work of art. thanks .. Follow the details to make this beautiful model. good crochet

Size: 36/38
Material: November 5. Swan Premium ( 100g.) in color 3176 (rust); ag.para knitting Current No. 4 and No. 4.5; g. Tapestry current No. 18 to the seams.
point voltage: 10 x 10 cm = 16 p.x32 carr. (Measured on the ag.º p.m and 4.5).
Abbreviations and employees points: p.-point; ag. needle; m.-half, t-knitting; carr.-career; rep.-repeat; trab.-work; nov.- ball; bar 3/2 (right side of work = 3t, 2m.lado work inside out = m on m and t.sobre t....); p.m.- (right in m, back in t..); braiding reason follow the diagram.
Back: in ag. 4, lot 88 p. and Job. 5cm in 3/2 bar. Switch to ag. No 4.5 and Work. as follows: (right side of work) 13 p. at 3/2 bar 62 p. at 13 p.m. and p. at p. 3/2 bar. A 38 cm from the start of work finish on 2 sides for the formation raglan 1 to 5 p. 8 and p. the edges every 2 carr. 25 times 1 p., The tailpiece p. remaining at once.
Front: in ag. 4, lot 93 p. and Job. 5 cm at p. 3/2 bar. Switch to ag. No 4.5 and Work. as follows: (right side of work) 13p. in bar 3/2, 17p. in p.m., 33 p. braid motif. 17 p.m and bar 3 / 2.A 38cm from the start, finish for the formation raglan equal to back. A 10 cm from the beginning raglan, finish the 9p. central to the formation on the edge of the neck every 2 carr. 4 times 3p .. Trab. the other same side, reversing the the side of the finishing touches.
Sleeves: in ag.nº4 mount 46p.e Work. 5 cm in 3/2 bar, switch to the ag. No 4.5 and p.m., increasing the 2 sides to every 8 carr. 6 times 1 p .. A 47 cm from the start, finish on both sides for the formation raglan equal to the back, the tailpiece p. remaining at once.
Finishing and assembly: connect the side, close the sleeves and stick them up around the raglan armhole, leaving a back armhole side without sewing, to the collar.
 Gola: with ag. 4, stand 125 p. distributed evenly around the neckline and Work. in 3/2 bar to the wrong side of the work. A 20cm from the start, the finish p. at once. Join the armhole to the collar end with small p. and turn the collar half to the right of the work.

In ag. No 4.5, lot 33 p. and Job. the braid motif 50cm from the beginning. Tailpiece. With ag. No 4.5. Stand on one side of the strip braid motif 100 p. and Job. 12cm in pm. tailpiece as follows: with the help of ag. Tapestry and triple thread, pass by -the points and amrre it well frime to pucker. Attach the side of the cap with a small p ..

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