Learn how to make a beautiful knit / crochet blouse with pattern

Practicality is a word that should be highlighted in a wardrobe. Parts that help to assemble rapidly and looks at the same time, add a charm to the eye are essential for our babies. And that's what the blouse crochet can provide.
This beautiful Aran style coat was designed by a woman in Russia named Tanya
who posted it on her blog along with directions. The English translation was done
by Lena on KP. Lena also found the charts that were used for the cables. The
directions were not as thorough as I needed and I couldn’t follow the charts. KP
members all started to chime in and we are forging ahead with this project.

"The blouse crochet is a piece that combines leisure, cold and festive moments.

  Accessories are the key to the success of this production. Bet on elements that dexem well laid back and charming. Follow this beautiful model. I have the standard of this model in specific crochet but I hope your skill and creativity can achieve fabricate.
Good crochet ..

Sweater or coat with a full pattern. This girl in coat 3.5-4 years (an increase of about 100 cm).
The materials that will be needed for the job: 650 g of Vita candy is, damn № 3.5.

Materials and complete standard:

650g DK superwash wool (original was knit with Candy by Vita) Size 4 (3.5mm) circular needle long enough to hold 330 st Size 3 needle for inside of neck band and collar Cable needle or short DPN, Stitch markers Gauge 10 X 10 cm = 25st x 37r (DK usually more like 22st so not sure about that) Overview of construction: The coat is knit from the bottom up without side seams. When you reach the armholes, the coat will be divided into right bodice, back bodice, and left bodice. Knit those one at a time and sew or graft or use 3 needle bind off for shoulder seams. Pick up stitches at the neck for a band and Peter Pan collar. Knit sleeves and sew them in. Knit back sash and attach to back of coat at waist Cables: There are 6 different cables used in 16 sections that are divided by seed stitch sections. The cables you use are your choice as long as you work out the stitch count. They are in this order; (A)9st Plait Cable
(Omit first and last 2 stitches to get desired stitch count) (B)39st Nautical Twisted Rope Cable

(Omit first and last 5 stitches from directions to get desired stitch count) OR Simple Celtic panel

You will have to add some stitches to this panel or just go with the lower amount and reduce the stockinet panel by the same amount. (A)9st Plait Cable (C)16 st Valentine Cable 

The directions begin on the wrong side so the first row should be P6, K4, P6 and renumber the rest (1 is now 2, 2 is now 3, etc….) 

(D)6st Simple twist 
(D)6st Simple twist
 (E)6st Plait Cable (
F)6st Decorative Cable 
(C)16st Valentine Cable 
(F)6st Decorative Cable 
(E)6st Plait Cable 
(D)6st Simple Twist 
(D)6st Simple Twist 
(C)16st Valentine Cable 
(A)9st Plait Cable 
(A)9st Plait Cable 

Directions for 6st cables; 
(D)Simple Twist 
Row 1- C6B – sl 3 st to CN, hold in back, K3, K3 from CN Row 2- P6 
Repeat rows 1 and 2

 (E)Plait Cable
 Row 1- C4F - sl 2 st to CN, hold in front, K2, K2 from CN, K2 
Row 2- P6 
Row 3- K2, C4B- sl 2 st to CN, hold in back, K2, K2 from CN 
Row 4- P6 Repeat rows 1-4


(F)Decorative Cable
 Row 1- K2, C4B- sl 2 st to CN, hold in back, K2, K2 from CN 
Row 2- P6 Row 3- C4B, K2
 Row 4- P6 
Repeat rows 1-4

These are the cables that I chose but it is your design choice so look at some stitch directories and use what inspires you. In order to keep the rows in the correct order, you will have to figure out what works for you. I had to make a chart so that when I was on row 25 of the Nautical Twisted Rope Cable, I would know which row that was on all of the other cables. I also placed stitch markers at the beginning and end of all of the seed stitch sections to keep those in pattern. Using different colored stitch markers for the same cables also helped. For instance, I used red markers at the Nautical Twisted Rope Cable because the picture on the directions was red and it helped me remember which cable I was working on. Finally, we can begin Cast on 330 stitches. Knit 8 rows for the bottom edge in garter stitch or seed stitch. You choose. The twisted cable rib would also look good for the border. http://newstitchaday.com/left-twist-stitch/ Odd rows are the right side and even rows are the wrong side. The capital letters in parentheses designate which cables to knit Seed stitch (sd st) is alternating k and p and on the wrong side you knit the purl stitches and purl the knit stitches Row 1- 3 stitches in sd st, p1, (A), p1, 3st in sd st, (B), 3 st in sd st, p1, (A), p1, 3 st in sd st, (C), 3 st in sd st, p1, (D), p1, 8st in sd st, p1, (D), p1, 8 st in sd st, p1, (E), p1, 8 st in sd st, p1, (F), p1, 8st in sd st, (C), 8st in sd st, p1, (F), p1, 8 st in sd st, p1, (E), p1, 8st in sd st, p1, (D), p1, 8 st in sd st, p1, (D), p1, 3 st in sd st, (C), 3 st in sd st, p1, (A), p1, 7 st in sd st, p1, knit 31 stitches for the stockinet section, p1, 7 st in sd st, p1, (A), p1, 3 st in sd st. Row 2 and all other wrong side rows- knit in pattern which means you will be keeping the seed stitch pattern by knitting the purls and purling the knits but you will be knitting the knit stitches and purling the purl stitches on every other section. Repeat these 2 rows until you get to row 19 Row 19- decrease begins Decrease all seed stitch sections that have more than 3 stitches. The last 2 stitches of these sections with more than 3 stitches will be k2t. Repeat every 14 rows. At the same time, begin decreasing the stockinet section at the beginning and the end. K1, ssk, k to last 3 stitches, k2t, k1. Repeat every 18 rows. Stop at 11 inches. Armhole shaping will begin when your coat is 11” long. I started a new row count at this point. Row 1 (right side) Continue knitting in pattern until you knit the first of the 2 Simple Twist (D) . Bind off 4 stitches in the center of the 2 Simple Twist cables. This will begin shaping the right armhole. Continue knitting across the back in pattern until you reach the same 2 cables which should be in the center of the left armhole and bind off 4 stitches in between just like you did for the other armhole. Continue in pattern to the end of the row. At this point you will be knitting the bodice sections separately. Start with the left bodice so you don’t have to cut your yarn. Left Bodice Row 2 (wrong side) and every other wrong side row- work in pattern Row 3- Bind off 2 stitches and continue in pattern but decrease beginning and end of stockinet section with ssk and k2t. Row 5- Bind off 2 stitches and continue in pattern until you have knit the 16st cable (C)and the 3 seed stitches. Place a marker here. This begins the seed stitch panel on the bodice. You have to reduce the number of stitches remaining down to 29. Count your stitches and see if you have 54. If not, just change the decreases to work it out. K1,( k3t – 3x), k1, ( k2t- 3x), k1, k2t, k1, (k2t-4x), k1, k2t, k1, (k2t-4x)(k3t-3x), k4 in seed stitch Row 7- Bind off 1 stitch and knit in pattern to marker. Knit remainder in seed stitch. In order to match stitches in seed stitch pattern, look at the last 4 stitches in your row and work backwards visually counting off “knit, purl, knit, purl” until you reach your first stitch so you start off with the right stitch. Row 9- Bind off 1 stitch and knit in pattern to marker and seed stitch after. Continue in pattern until the coat is 16 1/2” from the bottom. Neck decreases will begin.


Neck Decreases On the right side- Cast off first 27 stitches. Knit remainder of row in pattern. All wrong side rows- knit in pattern. On each of the following right side rows bind off in this order- 3st, 2st, 2st, 1 When coat is 18 inches long, bind off remaining stitches. Right side Attach new yarn and knit first row on the wrong side. Knit same as the left side but work all decreases on the opposite side of bodice. Back Attach new yarn and knit first row on wrong side. Rows 1-4 Bind off first 2 stitches on each row. Continue in pattern. Rows 5-8 Bind off first stitch on each row. Continue in pattern. Continue knitting in pattern until 18” long and bind off. Sleeves Instructions are for the bell bottom sleeves shown in the original coat pictures. Cast on 87 stitches and knit 8 rows in garter or seed stitch. Start cables – Choose your own or use the ones from the coat. Use stitch markers to help stay in pattern. I used different colors to identify which cable or pattern was in a section. Row 1- knit 6 st in seed stitch, 1p, 6 stitch braid or cable, 1p, 6 in seed stitch, 1k, 10 stitches in a diamond pattern (directions given below), 1k, 6 in seed stitch, 1p, 9 stitch cable or braid, 1p, 6 in seed stitch, 1k, 10 stitches in diamond pattern, 1k, 6 in seed stitch, 1p, 6 stitch braid or cable, 1p, 6 in seed stitch. Continue knitting in pattern for 13 more rows. Row 15-Decrease seed stitch sections from 6 stitches to 4 stitches (k2t or p2t) first 2 stitches and the last 2 stitches. Continue knitting in pattern. Repeat decrease row at row 31. You will now have only 2 stitches in each seed stitch section. When sleeve measures 6 ½ inches from beginning, increase 1 stitch every 8th row on both sides 4 times. Knit these in seed stitch. When sleeve measures 10 ½ inches from beginning, start to shape armholes. Bind off every other row on both sides 3 stitches, then 2 stitches, then 1 stitch 3 times. Slip the first stitch when you bind off so it minimizes the jagged step effect. (You will bind off at the beginning of each row because you can’t bind off at the end so the first rows would go like this, bind off 3 stitches, knit in pattern to end. Turn work and bind off 3 stitches, knit in pattern to end. Turn work. Bind off 2 stitches, knit in pattern to end. Turn work. Bind off 2 stitches, knit in pattern to end. Continue like this until all decreases complete.) Knit in pattern for 10 rows. Bind off every other row on both sides 3 stitches, then 4 stitches, then 5, 6, and 7. (See explanation above for this) Knit one row in pattern. Bind off remaining stitches.

Diamond Pattern 
1. (right side) p4, ( c2b or c2f at each repeat to alternate cable going over and under), p4 
2. k4, p2, k4 
3. p3, c2b, c2f, p3 
4. k3, p4, k3 
5. p2, c2b, k2, c2f, p2 
6. k2, p6, k2, 
7. p1, c2b, k4, c2f, p1
 8. p10 
9. c2b, k6, c2b 
10. p10 
 11. t2f, k6, t2b 
12. k1, p8, k1 
13. p1, t2f, k4, t2b, p1 
14. k2, p6, k2 
15. p2, t2f, k2, t2b, p2 
16. k3, p4, k3 
17. p3, t2f, t2b, p3 
18. k3, p4, k3
 Knit second sleeve same as the first. Sew inner arm seams. Sew sleeves in arm holes.

Neck band and necklace
Pick up points along the right side of the neck of the work. I have 108 points for
Taking each point in the straight parts and keeping the distance between
Points on the same about the curved pieces. Work 4 rows in stock. Switch to
Size 3 needles and knit a line to create a purl line. Knit another 4 rows in stock
With size 3 needles. This will make the fit better when you fold it down to the inside.
Fold in half to the inside and bind, picking loop from the first row. If this is too much
Fiddly to you, just plug and sew the edge off the edge into the inside.
Button closed jacket so you can mark the center where you want the collar
meet. You will be knitting a border on the collar as soon as you leave half an inch on either
Side of the center and place a pin to mark your point in the neck band where you
It will start and end up picking up collar points. I started to get points out there.
3 "from the edge and stopped about 3" from the end. Yours may be different.
From the right side of the neck band pick up points through each purl collision. I
You have 73, but do not worry if your number is different. It depends on the gauge, the wire,
Etc ... Knit on seed point for 14 rows. To shape the rounded sides of the collar you
You will have to tie up every other line as you did for the sleeves. First a point,
Then 2, then 3, then 4. Slide the first dot when you turn it off so it minimizes the
Tooth. Now we knit the edge of the collar. This will be similar to the neck
Band, but the turning row for this edge of the collar will make a picot border.
Using the work wire, take points along the curve of the collar by picking up a
Neck band tie with your last stitch. Turn and start knitting in stock until you
Reach the other curved end of the collar. Pick up points along the safety curve
The last point through a neck ribbon loop. Turn and continue at storage point for
A total of 4 lines. Switch to size-3 needles. Turning the k2t line, I * continues to the
end. Finish off with k2t. Depending on the number of points, you may end up with a
Extra stitch. Just knit that. Turn your work over and continue on stockinet to a
Total of 4 rows. Fold the edge on the turning line to create the picot border. Turn on
Off lock the loops in the first row or join off and point edge down.
Sew buttons to the corresponding places on the inner bodice. To maintain the
The tilt bodice panel, crochet a chain button loop on each top corner of the
The bodice and sew buttons to the correct location on the neck band under the collar.
Back waist
Browse the original coating image for placement or choose what you think it looks like
best. Take 11 stitches and knit each row the same until the strap is 14 "long.
At the seed point, you will. To throw. Repeat to the other side.
Please share this pattern however you want, and I really hope you enjoyed it.
Me your thoughts on how to improve the directions or what you have come up with
Make your coat an original.

Source and credits from: http://www.liveinternet.ru/
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