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beautiful crochet / knit blouse with beautiful beautiful and wonderful free projects. . It's so cool - to see your baby in elegant clothes, with their hands tied. Give the child a warm and caring is so cool! Look at this beautiful yarn crochet bolero free to make women, children and most stylish teenagers ... the thread and point is very beautiful !!!!. Good luck to you in your knitting and crochet, my dear seamstress! Let your children be the most beautiful! I hope you liked the project in crochet. The internet is a wonder why, when used for good can find wonderful things like a good crochet. A kiss in the heart of each and share the desire that you want. See the following project:



Material: blouse yarn crochet children

 5 of November. Swan Premium (nov.de 100g.) In color 3176 (rust); Ag. For knitting Chain # 4 and # 4.5; G. Tapestry chain # 18 for the seams.
Stitch tension: 10 x 10 cm = 16 p.x32 carr. (Measured at pH p.m. and 4.5).
Abbreviations and points of employees: p.-point; Needle needle; M.-sock, t-knit; Carr-career; Rep.-repeat; Work-work; Nov.- ball; Work from bar 3/2 (right side of work = 3t, 2m. Side work from inside out = m in m and t.on t ....); P.- (right in m, back in t ..); Follow the diagram.
Back: in ag. 4, batch 88 p. And Job. 5 cm in p. 3/2 bar. Switch to ag. Nº 4.5 and Work. As follows: (right side of work) 13 p. Pt at 3/2 bar 62 p. At 13 p.m. and p. On p. 3/2 bar. At 38 cm from the beginning of the work finish on 2 sides for raglan formation 1 to 5 p. 8 and p. The edges each 2 carr. 25 times 1 p., The cord p. Staying at the same time.
Front: in ag. 4, batch 93 p. And Job. 5 cm on p. 3/2 bar. Switch to ag. Nº 4.5 and Work. As follows: (right side of work) 13p. In the case of bar 3/2, 17p. At p.m., 33 p. Braid. 17 p.m and 13 p.no.p.de bar 3 / 2.A 38cm from the start, finish for the raglan formation equal to behind. At 10 cm from the beginning raglan, finish the 9p. Center for formation at the edge of the neck every 2 carr. 4 times 3p. The other side even, reversing the side of the finishing touches.
Sleeves: in ag.nº4 assembly 46p.e Work. 5 cm on 3/2 bar, change to ag. At 4.5 and work on p.m., increasing the 2 sides for every 8 cars. 6 times 1 p .. At 47 cm from the start, finish on both sides for the raglan formation equal to the rear, tailpiece p. Staying at the same time.
Finishing and fitting: attach the side, zip the sleeves and place them around the raglan blanket, leaving a seam-back side seamless, for the collar.
Collar: with ag. 4, support 125 p.

Distributed evenly around the neckline and work. On 3/2 bar to the wrong side of the job. At 20cm from the beginning, the finish p. at once. Attach the cavity to the end of the collar with small p. And turn the collar half to the right of the job.

I hope you have enjoyed the yarn crochet for children. Good crochet.


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