Beautiful yarn crochet dress with pattern

A beautiful yarn dress with simple pattern to make the little girl even more beautiful. In the summer with a baby doll in his pocket. Your baby will look like him just charming and stay in love. These crochet / knit dresses are for girls and charming and follows the dimensions for you to make an equal one for your girl. Good crochet. Follow the instructions. Dimensions: The product is intended for girls aged three years and above. Width Summer dress: 52 (for one year) / 56 (two years) / 60 (for three years). Length sundress: 34/36/40 (depending on girls' age). For v  sundress skirt and need pupae: white yarn - 150/200/200 g (according to the child's age), light green string - 50/50 / 50g, dark green yarn - yarn 50/50/50 c - 50/50/50 gr, in red and yellow glomeruli - in 50/50/50 grams.

We also need needles under the number №3, with the hook designation same license plate (№3), circular needles ,3, two small buttons of.
The series t product in this sequence:
Green light line - 4/4/4, dark green - 4/4/4, pink - 4/4/4, red - 4/4/4, yellow - 4/4/4, light green - 6/6 / 8, dark green - 6/6/8, pink - 6/6/8, red - 6/6/8, yellow - 6/6/8, light green - 2/2/2.
Please note that the purl pattern used is used as a front.
Back to back sundress
Dial the circular needles 98/108/120 n From the white wire. (Depending on the age of the child) and vyvyazat skirt-binds all items. Once 3 cm, it is necessary to do a subtraction: 30/34/38 need for knit loops, then three laps along the front after 32/34/38 n facial, three along the front and back 30 / 34/38 n .. in principle facial circuits. In this sequence you need to do the subtraction on each line exactly repeated 08/08/10 10/09/12 times. As a result, the spokes should be 62/68/72 loop. Bates needed a circuit on each side and two loops in the center of summer dress skirts.
  (For one year old) / 25 (for two years) / 27 cm (for a three year old child). You can vyvyazat in length, which is necessary for you. It is necessary to continue the work sorts consistently for the colors suggested above. At the same time on both sides of the closing ring to make: 5/6/6 by hinges and a loop (every second row) 4/4/4 times. Will the 44/48/52 circuit. Continue knitting according to the description of the series.
Before the children sundress adjust by analogy.

Mama band
Recruited from the white yarn 10 turns over conventional flat rays at number №3, point of attachment at a height 8/08/10 cm (according to the age of the child). Next you need to knit a hole (two circuits closed, and the next line vyvyazyvanii to mark the same two loops). Then there is a reduction of loops on each side of the belt, two loops at the beginning of each line. The ties should be cut while there will be four lugs that are pulled together to make a thread. Harnesses should sew and tie the yarn to dark green color. It is necessary to execute a series of columns, without nakida using the hook. Just tied cavas and in the upper front of the summer dress.

In recessed rays smooth 20 turns of light green wire pair. In the next two rows on each side adds two hinged parts. Get 24 meshes over the rays, v in two rows. The color of the yarn has to be changed to dark green and do the addition of two laps on each side - the spokes of 28 meshes. After 4 lines of working thread color is changed to pink. Add two more laps - a total of 32 laps. T 4 lines. Change the color to red, gain two loops and 4 lines. Colored wires to be replaced by yellow, added on each side of the two circuits. The work of all involved should be 40 loops. Next you need to knit four rows. The wire again to change to a different color. This time will be a light green color of the thread, again made by adding two loops - get 44 cycles. Knit plus 4 lines, change the color of the work line to dark green, and add two on each side of the loop. That will have 48 loops. Three lines are required. On the fourth line, you need to close cycle 24 and the remaining 24 laps should be vyvyazyvayut more. After three lines should begin to decrease the loop on each repeat the fourth line. Decreasing should be repeated since the spokes will not remain 10 meshes.
Incredible pocket must tie a string of dark green color. Tying need to crochet, knit a row of columns around the whole part, without nakida. Pocket-perambulator needs to sew the front of the summer skirt dress, neatly embroidered for the wrist carts and wheels.

Pupa (height - 16 cm)
Trunk: from a white line dial 16 hinges over the usual straight rays (№3). Next, you need 18 mesh knit face loops. Then the white wire is replaced by a pink wire, number 54 on the front surface of the receipt. All loop to close.
Legs: pink yarn nabiraetsya12 ties even 20 rows of the front seam, after closing the loop. Just fit the second hand.
Hands: Pink wire from the wire should dial 12 loops and knit 20 rows. Then you need to change the pink thread in a white, knit four-line. After that, all the handles are closed. Following this sequence, and second hand.

All items should be sewn, leaving an opening for the filler (cotton, pieces of foam). After the filler material is laid out in detail to complete the sewing ends. In the trunk area head tightly fixed pink thread, thus forming a doll's head. Next you need to sew the hair: the yarn is wrapped in the finger 5-6 times and is sewn on the head. So the hair can sew in the right direction. In the eyes, nose and pupal lips final step embroidered.

I hope you have enjoyed crochet girls. Happy New Year for all your family.

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