Blouse in yarn knit inflatable crochet with pattern

Beautiful design of yarn crochet and knit with free pattern for very charming children for this year end, specifically Christmas. Muto easy to do with the detailed explanations shared below. I hope you like it very well as I liked it. Follow the standard of living for free production of this model. The colors are free, you choose the one you like the most. . I hope you liked it. If you enjoyed sharing our messages. Since the Internet is wonderful for those who know how to use always carrying affection, respect and of course, very yarn in crochet and knitting. Share what you want on my blog. Stay with God and good crochet. Follow the explanations below and hands down the work.

Materials, yarn blouse children

• Schachenmayr Baby (worked double) - 100
(150/150) g ​​in color 8200 and 8293; 50 (100/100) g
In color 8206. For the flowers use scraps of wool from
Other projects.
• 6-7 knitting needles.
• 2 Buttons.
• Embroidery needle

Size: For 3, 6/9 months and 9/18 months. The numerical indications for the larger measure are
parentheses. In the case of an indication only, it refers to all measures.

Coasts: Exec. 47 (57/62) m in pink and work 2 cm in rib stitch - 2 m alloy and 3 m half.18
Laps at the point of attachment. Continue in stocking mesh (alloy mesh on the inside out and half stocking
On the right turns) with the gray wire for 3 turns and then make 3 turns in white and so
Successively until 21 (27.32) cm high. For the neckline, top 15 (18/21) m from the center and
End each side separately. On the hem of the neckline, shoot 2 m in each 2nd v. For 2x. After 26
(32/37) cm high for the shoulder, shot the remaining m on the right hand side. Then, for the button view,
Continue for a further 2cm in m of alloy on the m on the left side. And then work. 1 v. Of waistband.
Top all m.

Front: Trab. As for the back, other than the neckline. After 18 (23/28) cm in height, to the
Neckline, top 8 (9/11) m from the center and finish each side separately. On the hem of the neckline,
Every 2nd v. 3 m of 1x, 2 m of 1x and 1 m of 1x. After 22 (28/33) cm in height, for shoulder dto., Backtack
The remaining m on the left side. For the left shoulder, continue on m on m on the right edge. After 26
(32/37) cm high, make 2 sec. Shape: from the edge dta. Trab. 4 (5) m at point,
Then shot 2 m, 4 (5) m at the point, shot 2 m, 4 (5) m at the point, shot 2 m, trab. The remaining 2 m
On the spot. In v. Sec., Exec. 2 m new on m topped. After 28 (26/41) cm of height, 1 more.
At the waistband, and then top the m.

Sleeves (2 equal): Exec 32 (37/37) m in pink and work. At the ribbed point as the back and front.
Continue in m smooth by alternating the colors. For the shape of the sleeve, increase for each side 1 m
In 5th v. During 1x, then 1 m in every 6th v. During 3x, 1 m in each 4th v. For 4x. After 17
(19/21) cm high, top every m.

Attach the pieces to the measure, cover with a damp cloth and let dry. Embroider the flowers in
daisy. Then sew the flower-shaped buttons. Close the cost. Of the shoulder of dto. Take about 50
(55/60) m in pink around the neckline, work. 4 v. In the corrugated point. Then,
M. Place the front buttonhole houses over the view of back buttons and top the edges.
Sew the sleeves in their positions. Then close the seams on the sides and sleeves. Sew the

For a head circumference of 35 (38/41) cm exec 66 (72/37) m in pink and work. At the corrugated point
Like the back and the front. Continue in m smooth by alternating the colors. After 17 (19/21) cm of height,
Shot all m. Make a 70 cm long lanyard and tie it around the cap at 5 cm from the

Good job in yarn children. A wonderful end of the year. God bless.

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