Charming crochet glove with pattern

ello crochet girls, today we have a beautiful pair of gloves in yarn in crochet for beautiful girls and also to leave our hands leaving us warm and at the same time charming and warm. See the pattern below and make your lovely crochet glove.

Right and left hands are equal to the height of the thumb.
This recipe is for medium-sized female hands, but nothing prevents you from increasing the number of stitches and suits for larger hands.
Mount 36 stitches on needle 04 and climb ten rows, being right and wrong in knitting.
Switch to needle 4.5 and go up eight more rows, being right in stocking and back in knitting.
Thumb (right hand)
1st race - 21 m, 1 la, 15 m
2nd carr and all pairs in knitting
3rd carr - 21m, 1laç, 1m, 1laç, 15m
5th carr - 21m, 1laç, 3m, 1laç, 15m
Continue to weave this way until you have 21m, 1laç, 15m, 1laç, 15m. Continue until the end of your career and go back to knitting.
At this stage, weave work by right until you reach the first loop. Then weave the next 17 points and return to the race so that only those 17 points are woven. Go up six rows, right at the back in knitting only in those 17 points. Pull these stitches together and leave a piece of wool to sew. You will then have the right glove thumb. Tie the string to make a sequel to the career you interrupted to make the thumb and continue to knit in socks. Consider this the first career, so go up ten rows, being right in stocking and back in knitting. Grasp all stitches and sew the sides of the thumb and glove.

• For the left hand, the process is the same, but instead of 21m, 1 la, 15m, you will start with 15m, 1l and 21m to get your thumb on the other side of the job.

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