Christmas with crochet snowmen with pattern

The most important day has come and now is the time to create snowmen in elegant crochet yarn for this very important date, Christmas. I want to share this wire crochet doll with pattern to decorate and decorate with joy and lots of charm. See the details of the pattern and have a wonderful Christmas everyone. In the head They have something perverse medical benefits like bored bucket or old hat. Very funny snowmen about the joy of children and adults.

Christmas is here and we started to make yarn here in such nice yarn crochet dolls. I hope you enjoy it and share this work delight a lot.
Let's go to work.

Knit crochet it from the bottom up. For this we need a wire, in my case it is not thin acrylic yarn and not very thick and the hook 2.7.

We start, in order to obtain a mesh range as follows:

1ryad - ring, where to knit 6

2 ryad- of doubling, that is, in each loop by (12)

3 Ryad- increase (in 1 tablespoon. mesh) = 18

4 ryad- 2, gain = 24

5 series-3, gain = 30

6 ryad- 4, gain = 36

Then mesh without 5 line increments = 36

We start to shrink in the same way,

12 ryad- 4, ubavka = 30

13 Number 3, ubavka = 24, to fill the synthetic fill

14 ryad- 2, ubavka = 18

15 series - Ubavka = 12

In this put off knitting and start to knit head while only up to 24 (Without Series -3 Increases)

Remember to come out at the same amount as the loops in the background product to loop in the circuit.


We collect the rays of a red line about 35 meshes and elastic knitting 1v1-3 cm. Then knit facial embroidery about 5-6 cm, gathers toppers and sutured along the length. Voila cap ready to sew hat puppet, decorate pompon.


1 -6 number

2 ryad-

Length of the arms vyvyazyavaem in, with a round of knitting increases without, 1 cycle of elevation and Approximately from the bottleneck to the middle of the lower basin.

On request the eyes and nose can be bought at a store or embroider wire. Do not forget to sew beads on the bottom ball.

This snowman is ready, a good gift for children and friends.

Good crochet
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