crochet dress / long tricot with pattern

A beautiful strand of yarn in knitting and crochet for beautiful charming children. The wire dress yarn knitting / crochet is elegant yet casual, and can also be a great and beautiful gift for someone you love. The wire crochet patterns like this are brilliant and very easy to follow and complete. Best of all, it is super stylish, so you can use it for any anniversary event and major holidays. Make one for yourself and see how you turn your head. This pattern knitting yarn / Crochet looks like something you could buy in a chic boutique. Follow other models on the blog and feel free to share what you want. Hope you like. Everyone stay with God.

November 2. yarn in color (pink blend);
Needle w / knitting 4, needle Tapestry No. 22 p / sewing, 3 buttons; arrangements tapes or fancy buttons.

point voltage: 10x10cm = 22p.x30 carr (measured on p.m)..
Abbreviations and employees points:
p.ponto, ag. needle, m.-half, t.-knitting, carr.-career, rep.repita, trab.-work, November to ball, J. together, laç.-loop, p. bar 1 / 1- (1m, 1t.) pm- (right in m., back in t.), home to button- (2p.j.em m., Lace.) tranças- reasons follow diagram .

Back: In ag. lot 114 p. and Job. 2.5 cm in bar mark 1/1. Tailpiece 16 p. . Distributed evenly over the next carr (. Total g) Continue work on cashing pm on both sides p / modeling every 10 carr,; 4 times 1 p .. A 19 cm from the beginning, work at p. bar 1/1 and tailpiece 20p. evenly distributed over the 1st carr .. (total 70 p. in ag.)

Continue work as follows:
right back (right side of work): Trab. in 1/1 bar only 38 p. initial, leaving p. remaining waiting in a g. help. The 3cm from the beginning of bar tailpiece on the right side w / armhole training every 2 carr .; 1 to 4 p., 1 to 3 p., 1 to 1 p. and each 4 carr., 2 times 1 p., 5 cm from the top of the bar inner side to p 3. the edge of the 1st house w / button, rep. the 2nd house with space of 5 cm from the 1st house. The 12cm from the top of the groove tailpiece all p. at once.
left back (right side of work): Monte 6p. in ag. and Job. along with the points waiting in ag. auxiliary, Job. like the right back, reversing the side of the pit and without homes w / buttons.
Front: Trab. like the back and 19cm from the beginning Work. in 1/1 bar and aremate 21 p. evenly distributed over the 1st carr (total 69 p in ag..) and continue the work as follows:. 30 p. initials on p. bar 1/1, 9p.centrais the braid motif (follow the diagram) and 30 p. finals at p. 1/1 bar. The 3cm from the beginning p. bar tailpiece on 2 sides for the formation of pits, the same back. A 10cm from the beginning of the armhole finish the 15p. central to the formation of the neckline and Work.
each side separately snapping up the edge of the neck every 2 carr., 2 times 2 p., and 1 to 1 p. . A 12cm from the beginning of the armhole finish all once. Trab. the other side equal invertendoo
side of the finishing touches.

Assembly and finishing:
Join the shoulders, front and back.
Neckline: Pick up 76 p. distributed evenly around the neckline and Work. 6 crr. at p. 1/1 bar Work the 3rd house w / button to 3 p. the first, on the left side and tailpiece.
Cavas: Lift 70 p. evenly distributed around the armholes and Work. 6 carr. at p. bar 1/1, arremate.Una side front and back, sew on buttons and tape arrangements following the model.

In ag. lot 94p. and Job. 6 carr. at p. 1/1 bar. Trab. 8 carr. at p. m. and Job. 6 more carr. at p. 1/1 bar. tailpiece. Join the side of the tiara, a circle.

It's a beautiful work for very speciais moments leaving even more beautiful girls than already are. I love yarn knitting / crochet.

God bless the whole family. kisses

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