Crochet yarn mitt with pattern

 There are numerous pieces that we can use to keep us warm, without losing the charm and elegance. Warming up from the cold is always a task to be done when the winter season approaches. For this, you can not miss a nice pair of crochet yarn gloves within reach of our hands leaving us warm and at the same time charming. One of the most classic crafts and also performed by craftsmen (and by those who enjoy crafts) is crochet. It is an ancient art that would have originated in China. From there to the Western world, it was being perfected and applied in an unimaginable amount of works. The selected craft tip is just one that is based on crochet. Follow the pattern below:

Yarn: 1 ply of Merino Sock 4ply (From the farm 100% merino, 100g / 390m).
Needles: 3mm (two ends)
Accessories: 3 markers; Needle for finishing; Crochet needle to insert the beads; Large beads (for each glove, 174 6/0 size beads)

Adult (female), up to about 21cm in circumference, measured at the widest part of the palm.
Sample (in jersey, unlocked)
28pts x 32 carr = 10cm
First knit the point according to the graph to, then insert the beads.

Double center garf2Mate: Pass two stitches together without making the stocking of the left needle to the right needle; Then make 1m; Pass the two points that you had previously passed without doing over the point you just made.

Graf3 lace: lace

Aum1 - make a raise by lifting the wire between two points and knitting it in a twisted stocking.
Get shot
You can simply cast off in the way you are accustomed to, but for a mitten just like the photo, the trim used is done this way:
Mount two points on the left needle. Knit the two new points in stocking and pass the first one over the second (1pt taken off). Then, * make a further 1m, pass the first dot over the next one (1 pt finished) *. Repeat from * to * two more times (4 points totaled). Replace the stitch back on the left needle. Repeat the entire operation as many times as necessary.
Mount 40 pts and close the circle. Put a marker that points to the beginning / end of the circle.
Divide the stitches as follows: 16 on the first needle and 8 on the other three needles.
Knit the first knitting career.

Start the chart.
Carr 1: * laç, 2m, mdc, 2m, laç, 1m *.
Carr 2 and all even races: m.
Carr 3: * 1m, laç, 1m, mdc, 1m, laç, 2m *.
Carr 5: * 2m, laç, mdc, laç, 3m *.
Carr 6: m.
Repeat the rows 1-6 plus 4 times (5 times total).
Hand and thumb
With the fist made, we will work the hand and the thumb in stockinette, but the graph should continue to be repeated in the 16pts of needle 1.
Knit two rows in stockings (do not forget to work the chart on needle points 1, as established).
For the right glove: On the next row, work the needle sts 1, 4m, put a marker, aum1, put another marker, knit the rest of the career in stocking.
For the left glove: On the next row, work the sts on needle 1, knit in stocking up to the last 4pts of the stroke, place a marker, aum1, put another marker, knit the rest of the career in stocking.
From then on:
Carr 1: knit to the marker, pass the marker, aum1, knit in half all points until the second marker, aum1, pass the marker, knit the rest of the career in stocking.
Carr 2 and 3: all in half (working graph when applicable).
Repeat these 3 rows plus 7 times, when you will have 17 points between the marker.
On the next row, knit to the marker, remove the marker, put 17pts on hold, remove the second marker, knit the rest of the career in stocking.
Back at 40 sts on needle, work as set for another 15 rows.
Make a career in knitting and, then, the finish of picots.
Put the 17pts of your thumb back on the needles. Lift a point and close the circle.
Knit in stockings for another 4 rows and then make one row in knitting.
Make the pickle finish.

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