How to make crochet dolls pattern

Hello girls, another year end is coming, it's very close and we already have some news to compare. Here goes some suggestions on yarn crochet and knitting for children with standard. They are a yarn in crochet for children. They are a great option for this Christmas and also for decorating. I hope you like it. Share the will as you wish. Merry Christmas to all and good yarn in croche children.


Creation - Lilian Kimura for Coats Chain

Execution - Ateliê Morena Jambo

• Swan Shok (Nov. 150g.), Nov. 28th. In color BC (white).
• Sweet New Swan (100g. New)
• 6 nov. In color 1816 (purple blend).
• Siren Swan (Nov. 100g.), Nov. 1. In color 1445 (orange).
• Camila Line (Nov. 500m), Nov. 2, In PT (black) color, for eyes and mouth.
• Camila Line (Nov. 500m), 1 Nov. In BC color (white), to the seams.
• Ag. For crochet nickel-plated steel Milward Chain 2.5mm.
• Ag. For anodized aluminum crochet Milward Chain of 5.5mm.
• Ag. Tapestry Milward Chain No. 13, for the seams.
• Ag. Milward Chain 5mm, for the scarf and the cap.
• Universal Pegamil Craft Adhesive.
• Styrofoam balls (with approximate measures in diameter): 1 ball of 600mm (body), 1 ball of 450mm
(Head) and 4 balls 150mm (hands and feet) and nylon cord.
Abbreviations and points used
•P. - Score; Ag. - needle; Nov. - ball; Corr. - chain; Carr. - career; Rep. - repeat; Work - work; P.b.
- low point; P.bx. - extremely low point; P.a. - high point; M. - medium; Eyes, nose and mouth - follow
The diagrams.

Note - each ball is worked in 2 circularly shaped parts.

• Body, head and hands - (ball body, head, hands and feet) with ag. Of crochet 5,5mm and the wire Cisne Shok,
Start with 1 corr. 5p., Close the ring with 1p.bx. On p.b. With carr. Circle, increase the
According to the size of the ball, giving the shape and taking care not to embassy. When completing the
Half of each ball, finish. Trab. All parts in the same way.

• Feet - work. Half of the ball in the same way as the others. Make a circle of p.b., as far as the
Circumference of the half ball and set aside.
• Buttons - with 2 threads of Camila line in PT color and ag. Crochet, start with 1 corr. From 5 p.m., close
The 1-bp ring. And work. In p.a. in cart. Circular, making increases for button formation. To
Complete 7cm, finish. Trab. 2 buttons.
• Eyes - with 2 strands of Camila line in PT color and ag. Crochet, start with 1 corr. 4 p., Close
The 1-bp ring. And work. On p.b. In carr. Circular, making increases for eye formation. To
Complete 3.5cm, finish. Trab. 2 eyes.
• Mouth - with 2 threads of Camila line in PT color and ag. Crochet, start with a Of 25cm and
Come back to work, finish.
• Nose - with the Siren Swan wire and ag. For crochet of 5.5mm, start with 1 corr. Of 5 p. Close the ring with 1
P.bx., work In p.b., 1st. With 10 p. Distributing the 3 increases on the sides. When completing 11cm of
Height with 24 p. In the circumference, finish.

              How to make Crochet Frozen Snowman

Body and head
• Note - attach all parts of styrofoam with ag. Tapestry Milward chain and nylon wire. (See diagram of
Join 1 part of the head (bottom) and 1 part of the body (top part), passing the ag. From one side to the
Another of the 2 pieces of styrofoam, already crocheted. Hands - Join half a ball with the crochet on the top of the body, 3
Technique: Father Snowman (Swan Shok and Sweet New Swan)
BRA395 / 11
Fit the other part of the small ball and sew with small balls. Invisible, repeat the same on the other side.
Feet - a small half-ball with crochet in the lower part of the body, join the crochet circle
Closing the foot. Put 2 sock balls on the front and a half on the back, to give support.
• Scarf - with ag. Knit and the Sweet New Swan, put 5 p. Na ag. And work. On p.m. Upon completion
2m, finish.
• Part A - put 30 p. Na ag. And work. In p.m .. When completing 50cm finish. Trab. Part B of the same
• Pull to the outline of the cap - put 4 p. Na ag. Work In p.m .. Completing 140cm from the beginning
Finish off
• With the Camila line in black color, attach the sides of the parts A and B forming a cone, furrow the top
(Top of the bonnet) to the closure. Attach the ends of the strip to the outline of the cap and
Around the bottom of the cap.
Finishing and assembly
• Glue eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons to the mounting pattern. Put on the scarf and the

Source: Coatscrafts

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