Rabbits in crochet with pattern. beautiful

Crochet decoration is always a favor, do not you think? This free crochet design is simple and delightful to make, and the colors you choose. Especially when he completes the project. Was not it like wonderful crochet decor? The following is the default if you want to share all the rights projects found here. The internet has been a blessing because we always find what you need right? God be with good and crochet. See the following project:

The making of a free amirugumi crochet is made with a medium wool and 4 mm needle. Despite the multitude of techniques, the use of bass along with the magic ring that prevents the hole from the center of the invisible sphere prevails cuts known as invisible decay are used to maintain the consistency of the point preventing the filling of leakage. "(Wikipedia source)

They can be made with most varied lines and filled with acrylic blanket (filling pads). The thicker the wire used the firmer the Amigurumi!

On the internet there are a plethora of cute crochet dolls and some super creative images, sometimes even equal to the character who inspired it, but you know you can be made any kind of object in this format, up to Culinary Delights ???

I come here from some amigurumi photos fofuras for Easter ♥ ♥ ♥

Ah! I'm almost finishing my Amigurumi. Hope you like. Good crochet and being with God.

What is Easter:

Easter means passage. It is the most important celebration of the Christian Church, which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter is included in Holy Week, where "Good Friday" is celebrated the crucifixion of Jesus, and "Easter Sunday" is celebrated the Resurrection and its first appearance to the disciples.

The Passover day, established by the decree of the Council of Nicaea (year 325), is to be celebrated on the Sunday after the first full moon of the equinox, which occurs in early spring in the northern hemisphere. Easter, which depend on all the other mobile parties of the year of the church is a mobile party, the day varies each year and the date is always celebrated between March 22 and April 25.

Easter is celebrated in several countries. The Spanish call the date of Easter, the Italians and the French Pasqua de Pâques.

For the Jews, Passover (Pesach) is an ancient festival held to celebrate the liberation of the Hebrew people of Egypt. Festivities began on the afternoon of the 14th of the lunar month of Nisan. It was served a similar meal as the Hebrews did when they ran out of Egypt.

Easter symbols
One of the symbols of Easter is the rabbit. The animal became a symbol because in ancient times, in the northern hemisphere, the celebration was only late winter and early spring, when animals appeared in the fields with their young, it was the time of fertility.

The egg is also a symbol of Easter, which represents the beginning of life. Several people used to make friends with eggs, wishing them good passage to a happy life.

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