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How are girls and girls who love kids crochet wire. Want to share a lino HomeThe in yarn crochet baby video that completes the tutorial of this beautiful crochet dress for children. It's a beautiful blouse and well detailed, yet simple and easy to make. Crochet is the trend in fashion nowadays. Recalling also that Easter is coming and we want all come with peace, joy and love using this beautiful jacket on this day so important. I have some decorations and inspirations in wire crochet dress in this blog for kids. Look at these interesting points and create enough. Check out some designs and inspirations with riplle, crochet stitches and many others with multiple charts. It's not very interesting. Learn how to make and feel free to share. I hope you enjoy it and have fun. Friendly crochet, crochet to share with other friends. On my blog I have two verses crochet models. Feel free to browse. The internet is wonderful because we can find what we like, we're going to learn and help others through sharing. I love crocheting and yarn for children and also love action, I hope you do, too. Since the part that is good is healthy. Kisses and good weekend. Kisses from the heart. Free crochet design I fell in love. What do you think could improve the friend? Kisses. This jacket is a sweetie. Follow the pattern below: Helen crochet

  Credits: Helen crochet

Another beautiful crochet jacket with full pattern. It's more beautiful than another. Good crochet girls. step by step tutorial will show you how to crochet an easy children's sweater / hoodie / jacket / cardigan / hooded sweater. This sweater is a suitable project for beginners.

 For size 0 - 6 months use a 4mm crochet hook
For size 6 - 12 months use a 4.5mm crochet hook
For size 1 - 2 years use a 5mm crochet hook
For size 2 - 3 years use a 5.5mm crochet hook
For size 3 - 4 years use a 6mm crochet hook
For size 4 - 5 years use a 6.5mm crochet hook
For size 5 - 6 years use a 7mm crochet hook
For size 6 - 7 years use a 8mm crochet hook

 For my sweater I used a 5mm crochet hook and Drops Big Merino yarn.

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