Rabbit in crochet with free pattern.

Hello girls. I love crochet. See this cute bunny crochet for decoration or gift for the one you love, is not it cute? This free crochet design is delightful and simple to make, and the colors you choose. Especially when the project ends. Was not it such a magnificent crochet decoration? The following is the default if you want to share all the rights projects found here. The Internet has been a blessing because we always find what you need right? God is good and crochet. See the following project:

To make a cute bunny in crochet yarn children six inches high you will need white crochet thread (and you can use both the thinner yarn and the thick yarn, but if you choose the thicker yarn your rabbit will get bigger); Remnants of pink, red and black yarn; Two black buttons, embroidery needlepoint and acrylic blanket to fill the rabbit.

Let us start at the head of the rabbit: with the white thread make 4 chains and one, to form a ring. You will work in circles throughout the work. Then make the first career by placing 8 low points on the ring already formed. In the second career you put 2 low points in each point made previously. The intention is that the work will open. Raise a low in each career until you reach the 8th career. From the 8th career to the 14th career do the work without increasing the points, that is, putting each low point on top of the low of the previous career already done. From the 15th career you should start to close the rabbit's head, pulling two low points together every three or four stitches (depending on how your work is, open or closed). Go "closing" your work until you reach your 20th career. In the last career close your little head and finish the job.

The rabbit's body should be made the same way as the head was made. But if you want a bigger rabbit, just make more rows.

 To make the bunny's paws and tail you must start with 4 chains and join them together to form a ring. Then make 6 low points on the ring. In 2nd row place 2 low points in each point already made. From 3rd to 7th place only a low point on the point already made in the previous career. Gather the thread leaving a scrap. Fill with the acrylic blanket and fold the edge closed with the tapestry needle.

To make the ears you must make 10 chains plus a chain to turn; And make a low on each chain already made until the end, and all this with the pink thread. Join the white wire and make 3 low points, 3 high point and 3 high points. When you reach the end place five points high on the last point (to form the tip of the ear). And finish ear by making 3 high points, 3 high points and 3 low points; And thread the thread.

Now all you have to do is tie all the pieces together with an invisible stitch, press the buttons like your eyes, make the muzzle with red thread and embroider the paws and the mouth.

Well I hope you enjoyed it and have a lot of fun. Good crochet.

This idea of crochet rabbit was taken from Silvia Artes blog.
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