How to make a crocheted blouse - Tutorial

Learn how to make crochet baby Sweater for winter with video tutorial and pattern of observation made with super love. Let's learn how to make this beautiful crochet baby sweater and other models dejara learn and step-by-step. Follow the tutorial in the video now. Over the years, the society and the fashion styles specialise in wire crochet techniques manual work that involves a needle and thread, so that the yarn crochet clothing and personal protective accessories for the day to day over the years. And one of those techniques that had your origin in medieval times was the crochet technique, which is one of the forms of entrelaçarmos lines with the help of a needle, similar to crochet, however, with the use of a curved needle tip only. Nowadays with the use of crochet techniques it is possible to create jobs in different models according to your personal tastes, but mainly in crochet dresses for girls is what I want to share today with the girls. This crochet blouse and the charm and comfort of the baby with complete pattern and step by step. I hope you enjoy it, because I was in love with the model and the form of simple pattern. Dress the baby in crochet can be woven in different sizes along the lines that you want to add any blouse or skirt, it is very easy in any color you like. Good crochet and follows the following pattern. Follow the instructions step by step video tutorial and in no time at all your going to complete a baby sweater that you can be proud of. This baby crochet blouse is sure to become your favorite girls. Let your friends and family happy with your crochet skills.

This tutorial will show you how to crochet a chunky winter children's sweater / cardigan / jumper. This sweater is suitable for beginners.
For size 0 - 6 months use a 5mm crochet hook
For size 6 - 12 months use a 5.5mm crochet hook
For size 1 - 2 years use a 6mm crochet hook
For size 2 - 3 years use a 6.5mm crochet hook
For size 3 - 4 years use a 7mm crochet hook
For my sweater I used a 5mm crochet hook and Drops Big Merino yarn (worsted weight).

        How to make crochet sweater for beginners

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