How to Make Crochet Hexagons Blanket - Beginners


The so-called "granny squares", the famous squares of crochet, are back. Learn how to make a beautiful colorful wrap Let's see how to make a quilt square crochet super beautiful and elagante following tips in simple pattern with step by step. I fell in love with this beautiful blanket in crochet square. I hope you enjoy it and can you too} can make blanket crochet square. Good luck and hands to work.
How to Make Crochet Quilt Hexagons by following a video tutorial and pattern below:


"Duna" yarn Circle and crochet needle nº 2.5 mm. (For flowers), strings nº 06 and crochet needle nº 3.00 mm. (For the hexagon).
Execution: Weave the circles with 18 high points inside the magic loop and unite them forming the flower.
Work from the chart below and attach them with hand sewing or otherwise.
After joining all the hexagons, work 1 or more races. 1/1 fillet and 1 carr. With finishing nozzle.
Hexagon graph:
 1st carr. = Work 5 corr. And bind in p.b. (12 times).
2nd carr. = No p.b. From carr. Previous work fan of 2 p.a., 2 corr., 2 p.a .; Skip 1 corr. And work 1 p.a. Skip 1 corr. And work 2 p.a.d.j. (Also jumping the p.b. and 1 run of the next running arc); Repeat 5 more times.
3 rd. = Work the fan idem carr. And proceed to fillet 1/1 point (1 p.a., 1 pound jumping 1 p.m. base).
4th carr. (I did not draw on the chart) = in p.b. Work around the hexagon.
Hint: I worked the last carr. Of p.b. In fillet 1/1 (1 p.b., 1 round) to be able to join them in the same way as the circles; But with 1 corr. After attaching each p.b.
Caption of Abbreviations:
Corr. - chain (s)
Carr. - career (s)
P. - Score
P.b. - low point
P.a. - high point
P.a.d.j. - double high points closed together

My preferred way of making the Union:
-1: Make the circle until the point you want to attach and remove the needle lace;
-2: from the inside out, insert the needle in the point of another circle and grab the loop;
-3: pull-through point and continue weaving the circle normally.
How to make the Union of circles that have chain between points: these were woven with high points and 1 chain between them, then:

-A = Make the circle to the point that you want to attach (high point or another), Ditto the above step-by-step, arrest him, make a chain and proceed normally.
Note: you can hold it at the point of another circle or chain that separates the points.
-B = Make the circle to the point that you want to hold (in this case, high point); in low (p.b.) arrest him on chain of another circle and have work the next high point (low replaces the chain you would do after the point).

TIP: If you want to make the initial image, make the rounds with no divisible by 6 points; because you will have to join the central circle circles 6. Note that each circle has 3 points of separation between each Union.p

Inspiring video to learning

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