How to make quilt crochet squares hexagons - Tutorial

Today I dread a colorful and very beautiful hexagonal crochet bedspread, it can be used in several works by giving a touch to any decoration leaving everything more cheerful and entertaining. They are hexagonal crochet flowers to be used on pillows, carpet, bedspreads, blankets, blankets and more ... Today we are going to learn from making an hexagonal crochet quilt following an explanation and a video tutorial to help in the manufacture of this Beautiful piece.

With little material and harnessing the scraps of wool or if you wish you can use lines or string of other works it is possible to make this beautiful flower and take advantage of doing amazing and colorful works. But it is important that the colors are very cheerful.

Simple to make and very quick this hexagonal crochet bedspread is a job worth investing and use all your creativity to create pieces that can be placed for sale if working with craft, giving away and enjoying your wool and making it a little more giving an increase In monthly income. Well, let's follow the explanations and get to work. Good work and stay with God.



Below we share material:
- Crochet needle 3.5 mm;
- Skeins of wool in various colors.
This is a video tutorial to crochet   flower hexagon. It is a little like a flower granny square, but the finished crochet is a hexagon, rather than a square. This is one of my favorite flowers to make. Alternating bright, contrasting colors in the African flower really makes it pop.
1. Form a ring of 6 chain stitches.
2. Chain 4 for your first DC. SC. DC 5 times around the ring, chaining once between each DC.
3. Slip stitch into the 3rd chain stitch of the chain that began the round to complete the first row. This is the light colored center in the photo.
4. Change colors if you wish.
5. Chain 3 and DC 3 times in the space from the previous row closest to your hook.
6. Chain 1 to move to the next space. DC 4 times in each space of the previous row.
7. Slip stitch to connect the end of the row.
8. Chain 3 and DC 6 times in the space from the previous row closest to your hook.
9. Chain 1 to move to the next space. Double crochet 7 times in the next space and continue 7 DCs in each space to the end of the row. Chain 1 between each "petal."
10. Chain 1 and slip stitch to join the row.
11. Change the yarn color. Chain 2. SC 6 times. You should be above the first open space of the previous row. Insert the crochet hook deeply through the space of the previous row and into the row before it. This pulls the petal downward.
12. SC 7 times. Continue steps 11 and 12 around the perimeter of the African flower.
13. Slip stitch to complete the row.


We thank our friends for visiting our website. I hope you have enjoyed good work and are also satisfied. We apologize for the lack of some works but we will be working to better serve. Good crochet at all.
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