Learn to make pink dress with standard and tutorial-Video 1

Hello girls who love the crochet yarn children. Over the years mankind has been specializing in crochet yarn techniques that involve manual labor with needle and thread, so that yarn crochet clothing and accessories from simple protections for the day to day over the years. And one of these techniques that had your origin in medieval times was the technique of crochet/knitting, which is one of the forms of entrelaçarmos lines with the aid of a needle, similar to knitting, however with the use of a single needle tip curve. Nowadays With the use of crochet techniques it is possible to create jobs in various models in accordance with individual tastes, but mainly dresses in crochet for girls is what I want to share today with the girls. Separated below a beautiful pink dress crochet, and a beanie baby with complete pattern and step by step. I hope you like it because I was in love with the model and the form of simple pattern. Good crochet and follows the pattern below:

Link 2: Tutorial  Here 

Supplies needed:
1 ball of line (Pink)
1 skein Knitting Lace Circle Perfect Love 251 pink)
Color circle 1 Susi 9288 ball (pink mixed)
Crochet hook No. 1.25,
50 cm circle of pink satin ribbon with 0.5 cm,

Points used:
Small chain (Corr.). Low (bp): introduced ag, Lace, pull the p ... and other income, arrem.. all p.. high point (per year):. Lace, ag, Lace, pull the p ... lace, Arrem., 2 p. and other Lace, Arrem. All the p..
Pala: follow the graph.
Flower: follow the graph.
Arcos: follow the graph.
Tape password: follow the graph.

Sample-a square of 10 cm in p. o. with ag. N = 30, p 1.25. X 14 carr.

Step by step:
With the wire Clea race. 144 p. 3 more Corr. to connect and work with the visor in carr. Return trip after the chart. After the chart p stop working. The sleeves, working in a circle on p. The front and back of a Carr. W. o. and Carr. Pass the tape after arrem. And let the wait. Cut strips of lace knitting, a handle with 70 cm, 2 strips with 150 cm and 200 cm with a strip. Sew the ends of the strips to close the circle. To join the strips work with p wire Clea. The following chart bows make a powder. B. on a track and another p.b. the other COP. Make strips of 1-70 cm Union join standby language. So 2 150 cm, and finally with 200 cm.

Flower-Corded Susi make a Corr. 8 w. close the circle and work the following graphic flower. Make 5 p. o. each arrow of flower graphics. Sew the flower on the right side of the front panel display. Hold the Pearl in the center of the flower. Stick the tape in Carr. Pass the tape, leave the tips back to tie. CLEA wires to the left side of the rear opening 3 Carr. P. b..
The colors you can choose, I love pink and white. Good crochet

Crochet Girls I hope you have enjoyed the video 1 of this recipe and pink dress pattern. Below follows the video link 2. I wish you all a great year with wonderful ideas in yarn crochet children.

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