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How to Make Square Crochet Flower Quilt - Pattern

Hello, Girls! Today we will learn how to make a'm going covered crochet with square flowers following an explanation and a simple standard tutorial.
Crochet blanket on Flowers is a true charm and leaves the room beautiful and cozy. Follow the explanation below and we will spend time together with joy doing what we love most... Crochet.
Granny Crochet squares can also be used to make beautiful scarves if sewn online – a job requiring fewer squares than a quilt.
Using a larger needle and thicker wool you will finish faster the bigger jobs.
If you are making a cookware, make sure to use a line of cotton or wool, never use acrylic lines. The acrylic will melt with the heat.
When making a quilt make sure that the thickness of wool is the same in the whole bedspread.
When you finish or start using a color, always make sure that the edges are firmly, the tips cut and hidden. You can do this by sewing the tips with upholsterer needle or hiding them with their own crochet stitches. Do it carefully and make sure you leave long enough tips, because nothing is worse than finishing a quilt and it starts to loosen the dots because the tips are not steady. But don't use us, they'll be apparent and jump in the middle of your work, and not as safe as these other methods.
Try switching the line colors to each or two careers.
It's harder to count the dots on dark lines. For your first job, use clear and bright color lines.
Go slowly, so you avoid mistakes, check out all the dots to make sure they were aligned correctly.



Necessary materials

Crochet Needle - Any size, but size 5mm is usually used for heavier lines.
Use a thicker needle for thicker threads (use according to the label on the thread).
Lines - Cléia is a good brand for beginners. It's cheap, good quality and easy to find.
          Explicalçao Square Flower Video

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