segunda-feira, 26 de junho de 2017

Square colored crocheted blouse with pattern

Today we're going to bring you blouses in square-square crochè that are super high, and this colorful square blouse is very cheerful and with a very interesting and charming design.
The charm of this square mine enchanted the eyes and the heart, for any anybody who says do for simplicity, both beginners and the most experienced. I hope you can have fun performing this beautiful blouse in square crochet. Kiss and good work. Follow the help tutorial and stay with God.





1 (Brown), (blue), (blue), (brown), (red), (green), (lilac), 2470 (blue), (salmon) white, Guava).
Crochet needle No. 2.5 mm.

Points used:
Chain (Corr.). Point very Low (bxmo): Insert the AG., Laç., Pull the p. And pass directly into the AG p. Low point (P.B.): Insert the AG., Laç, pull the p. And with another Laç, Rem. All P ... High Point (P.A.): Laç, enter AG., Laç., Pull the P. laç., Rem., 2 p. And with another Laç., Rem. All P ... Elongated point: * lengthen the AG p. (In more or less 1 cm), pull the P., insert the AG. Between the left wire and the two wires on the right (of the P. Elongated), Laç, pull the p., Laç, Rem. The 2 p. Of AG .. Fantasy point: Follow the graph.
Beak: Follow the corresponding Graph 2. Reason Square: Follow graph 1.

Front and back - are worked together. Must be 84 colored squares \ square fabrics.

From the montage following the graph 1 and unite the squares between each other in the last career of each square using dot very low.
Make a Carr. At low point around every piece. Make a Carr. Using graph 2 All around the collar following graph 2 and joining the p. Lightly to adjust the neckline.