How to Make Crochet Towel - Pattern

Today we will see how to make a nice table of carved crochet following a default and another watching a video tutorial explaining how to make a tablecloth in aspiral lnda.
The path of the table to crochet is a simple design and easy to make by following the step by step. Is very good for what is starting the craft in crochet. Crochet is actually a therapy for me because it makes me very well, especially for my soul. I hope you have liked because we found many beautiful models on the Internet. And one thing I've learned, that all we have or we think well need to share with others. That towel with the flower in detail to make your kitchen, living room or any room in your House cozy and charming. It can also give as a beautiful gift on crochet. Christmas is in December, but we can prepare this beautiful model to make our most beautiful decor. And this can be a beautiful decoration for this date so important. How to make crochet towel. He follows the pattern and the chart for you to do if you want to. I hope you enjoy. Whatever you want is shared on my blog.

- 1 ball dune in color 9245;
- 2 skeins dune in color 9392;
- 4 skeins dune in color 8176;
- Circle to crochet needle 3.5mm.


Flower (9x): with the wire in the red / burgundy color, make 5 little chains, close in a circle with 1 p.bxmo. and follow the chart 01.
Sheet (42x): with the yarn in green, do 15 little chains and follow the chart 02. Note that the sheet is all crafted p. down, grabbing the handle back ds little chains.
beige reason (24x): with the yarn in beige make 5 little chains, close in a circle with 1p. bxmo. and follow the graph 03.
Assembly scheme:
Reason with the flower in the center (3x): hold the sheets p. bxmo. around the flower as shown in the assembly diagram 01. Attach beige grounds around the leaves as shown in the assembly scheme 02.
Joining the grounds with flower in center p.bxmo. as shown in the assembly diagram.
Reason with flower end (2x): Join 3 leaves on the flower as shown in the assembly scheme 03 and hold them at the ends, as shown in the photo.

Standard Video Crochet Spiral Tablecloth:


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