Elegant crochet yarn snowmen with pattern

The moment has come to create snowmen in yarn elegant crochet for this very important date, Christmas. I want to share this pair of yarn crochet dolls with pattern to decorate and decorate with joy and lots of charm. See the details of the pattern and have a wonderful Christmas all. In the head They have something wicked medical benefits such as bored pail or old hat. Very funny snowmen about the joy of children and adults. It turns out there are wonders of winter with, soft pine covered with snow in which live two snowmen, very polite, is evident from the Victorian era romanticism. Tasteful clothing colors, soft lines and fine details create a pair of unusual winter creatures with amazing style. The elegant pair of yarn crochet snowmen with easy-to-crochet capes and hats from the description below. The height of each person related to a crochet hat is equivalent to about 16 cm.

Materials for knitting dolls Wires
- Hair weaving (75% cotton, 25% acrylic), 50 g / 90 m.
- Color: white 125 g, 65 g and 35 g of gray rose.
- Black beads with a 9 mm diameter eye - 4 pcs.
- The satin ribbon gray 6 mm wide and 35 cm long.
- pink satin ribbon 6 mm wide and 75 cm long.
- beads bound with a diameter of 3 mm - 1 m.
- Strass buttons at 4 mm in diameter.
- 9 mm diameter rose bud.
- The black and white keys are flat.
- Two small plastic cover.
- Cola, glue gun.
- Sewing lines - pink, gray and black.
- Filler.
- Needles - sewing and tapestry.
- Hook №3,5.

Knitting density: 5 sc = 2.5 cm 5 rows of sc = 2.5 cm .. The abbreviations loop table at the end.

Head and body knit in a spiral.

Line 1: crochet from the top of the head, "magic ring" of 6 sc. [6]
2 series: growth * 6 times. [12]
3 telephone number: (sc, increase) * 6 times. [18]
4 series: (2 sc, increase) * 6 times. [24]
5 series:. Sc all
6 series: (3 sc, increase) * 6 times. [30]
7-12 series: repeat line 5.
13 series: (3 sc, ubavka) * 6 times. [24] 14 series: (2 sc, ubavka) * 6 times. [18]
15 Number: repeat line 5. 16 series: to repeat a series of 4. [24]
17 series: to repeat a series of 6. [30] 18 series: (4 sc, increase) * 6 times. [36] 1
9-22 lines: Repeat rows 5.
23 series: (4 sc, ubavka) * 6 times. [30] 24 Number: repeat the number 13. [24]

Attach filler.

25 consecutive: repeat number 6. [30] 26 number: repeat number 18. [36]
27 telephone number: (5 sc, increase) * 6 times. [42] 28 series: (6 bp, increase) * 6 times. [48]
29-38 lines: Repeat the rows 5.

39 series: (6 sc, ubavka) * 6 times. [42] 40 telephone number: (5 sc, ubavka) * 6 times, ch-1 [36]

Attach filler. .
 From the plastic cover to cut a circle with a diameter of about 6 cm

41 series: knit the rear handle of the circuit (the one at your side) - 23 repeat series. [30]
42-43 lines: repeat lines 13-14. [24.18]
44 series:. (Sc, ubavka) * 6 times [12] 45 number: ubavka * 6 times, CH-1. [6] [Q] Glue or sew in the eyes between 7 and 8 lines.

Snow Gentleman Hat

Series 1-4: gray wire repeat 1-4 series in the description of "Head and Body" at the end of the last line of ch-1. [24]
5 line: Knit the back loop handle (one near you) - ch, bp on each b and b around. 6-12 lines: Ch, sc throughout the career, CH-1.

 The next two lines knit the description. "The head and the body"
13 consecutive: knit the front loop handle (closest to you) - repeat the number 6 in the description. [30]
14 series: to repeat a series of 18, SP-1. [36] [Q]
Stick the gray ribbon 15cm between 2 and 11 rows of hats. To cut the 5 cm ribbon pink rose, go up gathered in the long edge, pull and sew the resulting flower to the hat.


A series: knitting on the collar, a gray line, LP CH, SC, on the second loop on the hook and loop for the last line, the last 3-bp loop, on the second side s-side chains, and 2 bp at the end of the last cycle , NC 1. [60]

In addition, the knitting plane.
2 consecutive: ch, 5 sc, (3 sc in sc, sc 5) * 4 times, the rest loop loop, flip elm. [37] 3 consecutive: ch, 6 sc, 3 sc in sc, (7 sc, 3 sc in sc) * 3 times, 6 sc, turn elm .. [45]
4-5 series:. Ch, sc throughout the career, turn the elm
 6 consecutive: Knit the loop rear shackle, ch 3, CCH in a number, transform elm.
7-10 lines: 3 pc, CCH throughout the series, transform the elm. [Q]

Capes decoration 1 line:. Attach the thread to the first loop and knit number 6 sc in a shackle loop from shackle to the end of the row, flip the elm 2ryad: pc, sc before the end of the [Q] series.

Contents tighten and tie a cable
Attach gray line to the upper left corner of the collar, sc, CH4 (one loop for the buttons), ignore the next. Row, sc in each loop around the cable, in the knit corners 3 sc, ch-1. [Q] Gray cut length of satin ribbon of 15 cm and glue it on the collar (see photo.). Black thread to sew a button for the necklace.

 The head and body of a snowman, ladies knit under the description "Snow Gentleman".

to arm

a Serie: . Pink thread tie 32 pc, sc in the second loop on the hook to the end of the series; Transform the elm [31] 2 consecutive: 3 pc + PRS (PRS 2 PRS in sled.petlyu) * to the end of the series; Transform the elm [47]. 3ryad: 3 ch, CCH before the end of the series; Transform the elm. 4ryad: Drape loop on all sides sc at each corner in the 3 RLS. For 4 pc fixers, skip a number, 2 sc on the next line, 3 vp on the last curve, ch-1. [Q] Sew "diamond" on the second line in front of Capes Loop keyboard. Drill 60 cm granules strung in the Capes region, guided photograph. Cut two pink ribbons 10 cm long and attach the Caped beads in the shape of ribbons.

Cap series

1-4: pink thread The inscription repeat knitting "Head and Body". [24] 5-6 series: repeat 5-6 series 'Gentleman Snow Hat'. [24] 7 series: knit number front ch circuit shackle 3 + CLO CLO 2 each loop shackle, ch-3 [48]. Consecutive: pc, sc before the end of series [o Q].

Tapes for hats

1ryad: for "First Ribbon" join sc Caps on the back of the sixth line of the pink line for any one of a loop series, 3 sc on 3 loops, transform elm. [4] 2 series: sn + sc, ubavka, sc, turn elm. [3] 3 series: sn + sc, ubavka, turn elm. [2] 4-6 series: sn + sc, sc, turn elm. [2] 7 series: sn, ubavka. [2] [Q]

For the second ribbon to lose 8 loops sixth row Caps and continue to knit the "first ribbon" description, but the thread does not break, and continue to knit a chain of 20 ch; PSBN the sixth circuit off the hook. [Q]

Sew a button for the seventh series of "First Ribbon". Cut 29cm of pink satin ribbon and glue to the cap between 5-6 lines; Finishes tying bows.

Phew, it almost does not end. But I hope you enjoyed yarn in crochet, The net is wonderful poir we found everything we want and need. Good crochet and merry christmas.

Credits: http://babasv.com/dva-neobychnyx-snegovichka//
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