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In this video tutorial you will learn how to make a cute bunny in easter baby crochet, and to make your Easter more fun and happier, I bet you connect ideas that dates back to you, make contain that goal some difference. If you know how to crochet or know someone who knows, you can make beautiful decorations with rabbit hook, or give children a gift, which is sure to be the most successful.
Follow the explanatory step by step and leave your daughters, friends very happy. You can even make gifts or sell. Good crochet.
Tips to Make an Easter Bunny Crochet a Year Such a significant date for.
To make a rabbit in children crochet yarn you will need white crochet yarn (and you can use thinner both yarn and coarse yarn, the goal if you choose the thicker yarn the rabbit will get larger); The remnants of pink, red and black yarn; Two black buttons, embroidered tapestry and acrylic blanket to fill the rabbit. Follow tutorial 2 and then 3 and complete your beautiful baby crochet work.
It follows the pattern to make your Easter happier. Good hook.


continuation. Video 2:

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The color you want and rope of medium thickness. (I choose strings of bamboo in terms of being more natural)
2.5 number of mesh
Safe eyes locked to amigurumi.
Fiber beads
Q: String
Other: frequent needle


S 1: we are a magic ring and for a total of 6 pin re do frequently. (If you don't know the term magic ring in search engines available)
S 2 will consist of 12 SI units (SI had the first bat will twice in each hole 6)
Q 3:18-Si (2 times per second hole will sink once the first hole)
S 4:24 SI units (one times the first two holes, will bat third hole twice).
Q 5:30-Si (times the first three holes, will bat fourth hole twice)
S 6:36 SI units (one times the first four holes, will bat fifth hole twice)
S 7:42 Si (often the first five holes, will bat sixth hole twice)
S 8:48 (times in the first six holes, will bat seventh hole twice)
S 9-13:: increase during this strings or chains are doing frequent needle 48, without reduction.
S 14:42 Si (. The sun sets and a time for the first five holes, 6 holes for batmadan7 we are going in the hole)
S 15:36 You (the sun sets and a time for the first 4 holes, 5, 6 hole, go down the hole.)
S 6:30 Si (the sun sets and a time for the first 3 holes 4, 5 holes, go down the hole.)
S 7:24 (the sun sets and a time for the first 2 holes, 3, 4, we're going to sink holes in the hole).

Here we're installing a screw eyes and start to fill in. (If you continue weaving going to use an eye bolt, but do not forget to begin the fill.)
S 18: * (18. When the sun sets and 1 hole, 2, 3 hole, we're going to go down to the hole)
S 19:12 Si (1 pole from sinking in the hole 2, we're going in the hole.)
Continue loading (with fiber)
Q20: we are 6 SI (no increase or decrease).
We are ending.
We process Brown nose or head of what we create with the beige.

(X 2)

Use beige or white wire
S 1: we do the magic ring and fill it with 5-frequent injections.
S 2:10 YOU
S 3:15 YOU
S 4-8:15 YOU
S 9:12 YOU
S-10 11:12 YOU
S 12: * 9 SIDE
S 13-15:9 colors for the ear of the OTHER, we plant our printed fabrics and sew them on the proper part of the head. And our head of rabbit ready!

Use beige or white wool
» S 1: we do the magic ring and 7 are filled with frequent injections.
» S 2:14 YOU
» S 3:21 YOU
» S 4:28 YOU
» S-5 8:28 YOU
» S 9:21 YOU
» S 10:14 YOU
Here we fill the accounts to an end and we plant the fiber head.

Weapons (x 2)

Use beige or white wire
» S 1: we do the magic ring and us 6 doldurury frequent injections.
» S 2:9 YOU
» S 3:9 YOU
» S 4:6 SI
» June 5-7 S finish with arms THEMSELVES. You do not need to fill in the fibers. We want them because they were small enough and is tender.

Legs (x 2)

Use beige or white wires.

» S 1: we do the magic ring and fill it with 6 for frequent injections.
» S 2:12 YOU
» S 3:18 SI
» S-618 4 YOU
» Legs are starting to fill with fibers.
» S 7:12 YOU
We continue the process of filling
» S 8: chain 6
» S 9: chain 6
We planted the body and finishing.


We use white wires or beige.
» S 1: we do the magic ring and fill it with 6 frequent injections.
» S 2:12 YOU
» S 3:12 YOU
» S 4:6 SI
We plant fibers in very small amount that you can put the tail in the back, and we totally ortalıyor. This section will maintain balance in rabbits.

Don't be afraid to try =) with love ...

Thank you for visiting and for your affection. We are always trying to improve so that all our friends feel happy. Soon we will have more standards to be able to do beautiful and beautiful works. Good crochet
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