How to Make a Crochet Rabbit - Pattern

Here I learned crochet baby Bunny by following this step by step tutorial. This tutorial crochet baby rabbit for Easter will show you how to make this beautiful crochet maraviulhoso crochet Bunny and following detailed explanation and very easy. Can be done in a beautiful decor and baby crochet animal for various occasions and other models if they so desire. This standard is suitable for beginners. Let's learn how to make baby more happy with this charming rabbit. On this site, we are always looking for what's new in the art of baby crochet, here we like installations and explanations in crochet with easy to make. And in this modelocom explanatory pattern of wire crochet Bunny children see the work easy and good to do. In our blog we have some of the finer points of crochet online that inspire us to make beautiful crochet for baby models whenever you look for them. And the explanations are well spoken and easy to understand graphic or pattern. I'm very surprised by this work being explained here on this site. I love sharing and helping girls as I was and I'm still being helped. I love to learn from other professionals. But I did a bit more than it is here in the image. This explanatory video crochet baby blanket for beginners contains several points of crochet highlights. It's easy to do when you finish this great work. I'm surprised because you're happy because you learn things in this life. Learn always with others. I appreciate animals in baby crochet and do the tutorial or share of work and of the tutoriai and help us too. It's a good job to start with. See these beautiful crochet and different points are wonderful parts to sell or gift for a friend or you're going to hobby to crochet wire. Good crochet all. Follow the pattern below with the explanation.

The body
1.6sbn the ring
2.6 of increases (hereafter, etc.) (12)
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3 p. 1sbn, Prospect 6raz (18)
4.2sbn, Prospect 6raz (24)
5.3sbn, Prospect 6raz (30)
6-10r. by 30sbn
11R. K,-10-folding 1sbn (20)
12-15r. 20sbn in
16 p. 5sbn (5 K), 5sbn (15)
17 p. K, 5 factor 1sbn (10)
to fill and close the

1.6sbn the ring
2 p. 6PR (12)
3 p. 1sbn, Prospect 6raz (18)
4.2sbn, Prospect 6raz (24)
5.3sbn, Prospect 6raz (30)
6 p. 4sbn, Prospect 6raz (36)
7.5sbn, Prospect 6raz (42)
8 p. 6sbn, Prospect 6raz (48)
9-16r. 48sbn in
17 p. K, 6sbn-6raz (42)
18r. K, 5sbn-6raz (36)
19F., K 4sbn-6raz (30)
20 p. K, 3sbn-6raz (24)
21r. 2sbn K-6raz (18)
22p. UB. 1sbn-6raz (12)
to fill and close

2 p., Second 1sbn off the hook, 14sbn, 5PS, 10ssn, past 3ssn, the transition to the other side 10ssn, 5PS, 15sbn
3 p. CH, 2 ss 30SS, CCH 3 transition to the other side, to the end of ss

1.6sbn the ring
2 p. 6PR (12)
3-4r in 12sbn
5 p, 10sbn K (11)
6 p K, 9sbn (10)
7-9r in 10sbn
10 p K, 8sbn (9)
11-14r at 9sbn
fill and close the

1 p 6vp
2 p in the second of 4sbn hook, a 3sbn, 3sbn, etc. (12)
3 p, etc, 3sbn, 3PR, 3 SC, 2NP (18)
5-6 p in 22sbn
7 p 6sbn, K, 6sbn, K, 6sbn (20)
8 p 6sbn, 2UB, sc, 2sbn 5sbn (16)
4sbn 9 p, 4sbn K, 3UB (12)
10-15r in 12sbn
filling and closing.

Total credit:

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