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Hello people, I'm too busy I know, but I started a new job and my schedule at home now are few to do so much, I'm still finishing up packing my room, then I'm going to class, anyway always fixing here and there. But with this chill doing nothing better than to curl up in a wool blanket, crochet is even better ... Let's see how to make a blanket in crochet for esquetar and protect getting warm. Let's follow the pattern and the video tutorial and you can add your ideas to make your blanket. I love crochet and mainly blanket. The video tutorial helped me learn the square points. Let's work? good crochet all that beautiful models are made by our hands. How to make crohcê blanket. Here you will be able to learn how the "Grandma" was a quick and simple way. Is a method that most beginners can learn quickly, once the technique is the same for all parts of the quilt. Using the crochet squares of Grandma, you can make a quilt without having to hold the weight of all the work during the manufacturing process. You make the squares individually and then sewing them together.



How to Make Grandma's Crochet Square

Choose a color scheme. The lines, of course, comes in a wide variety of colors. The colors you choose will change the final appearance of your quilt, pillow or any other creation. Choose carefully the colors to achieve the effect that you want.

For a visual "Gypsy" combine red, dark purple, pink, yellow, bright blue and green leaf.

For a visual "country" make squares with bright colors, but sew them with Black wool.

For a classic American combine white, red, blue and yellow straw.
If you don't want a square look, but want to use the method to do a quick quilt, use just two colours (white and blue, for example) to get a more sober.

Choose the type of line. Once you have chosen the colors, you should choose the best material for your work. If you're going to do a blanket for baby use the softer line. If you're going to do something tougher, as a blanket for the bed of the dog, use acrylic line.

Get a crochet hook to the appropriate size. The size of the needle should be explained in the diagram that you are using or see on the label of the row that you bought.
If you are in doubt about the size of the needle, make a test sewing some careers work.


Make a chain of six points. Make an adjustable knot around the needle, wrap the wool around the needle and pull through the loop of the knot-this is a current point. Now the wool you pulled is wrapped around the needle and you can pull another loop through the first period, making the second point chain. Be sure to leave at least 10 cm of wool left at first in case you need to later.

Make a point low on the first chain. That way you will form a ring. Pull a new loop through the loop that is the needle and through the current point.

Three-point chain. This chain is equivalent to a high point.

High point. Do two high points in the center of the ring.

Current point and highlight again. Make two chain stitches and then three high points in the center of the circle. Do this 3 times in a total of 4 groups of 3 high points.

Make a low point to finish. Make a low point on the end of the current three-pointer to end the career.

Making the Middle Career
Image entitled Crochet Granny Square Step 101
Start with a new color. Add a new color to the new career if you want. Simply start crochet with the new color leaving some space from current point. (those spaces left by the current point between two sets of high point).

Make another chain of three points. Again, this is equivalent to a high point.

Please highlight in the corners. In the space of currents shown below, make 3 highlights (but don't forget that in that first set the first highlight is the three points that you've already done).

Go to the next empty space. Make two points to pass currents on the set of high point and then make three more high points in the empty space left by the current low point in his career. His work starts to resemble a square.

Shape the corners. Do current points 3 to form the corner of the square and then make 3 more high points within the same space.
Change to a current point among the highlights if you want a more rounded shape. As you can see in the figure.

Continue until you complete the career. Drill the four corners and then pass a low point over the high point of the first corner to complete the back. Each corner should have two sets of three high points, each separated by three points.

Completing the square

Start a new career. If you want to change the color again.

Continue as in previous career. Two sets of 3 highlights (separated by three points) in each corner. Do only one set of three high points in each empty space on the sides of the square with two current points between the corner and the sides of the square.


Do how many careers you want. The number of empty spaces will increase each career.

You can make potholders lining your square with a thick fabric, or a forrinho of garnish using very thin lines, or even a baby blanket using soft lines and soft colours, you can do a blanket with a big square or joining several small squares.
The squares can be linked or consturando then you can use the low or low point of crochet.

Grandma's crochet squares can also be used to make beautiful scarves if stitched on line – a job that requires less squares that a quilt.
Using a larger needle and a thicker wool you will finish faster bigger jobs.
If you are making a catch pan, be sure to use a line of cotton or wool, never use acrylic lines. Acrylic will melt in the heat.
When you are making a quilt be sure that the thickness of the wool is the same throughout the quilt.
When you're done or start using one color, always make sure that the ends are secure, tips cut off and hidden. You can do this by sewing the ends with needle of upholsterer or hiding them with their own points of crochet. Do this carefully and make sure you leave ends long enough, because nothing is worse than finishing a quilt and she begins to drop points because the ends are not firm. But don't use us, they will become apparent and will bounce in the middle of your work, in addition to not being as safe as these other methods.
Try to switch the colors of each line or two careers.
It is more difficult to count the points in dark lines. For your first work use light colors and bright lines.
Go slowly, so you avoid errors, check out all the points to make sure they were properly aligned.

With this flower blow crochet point you can adorn several models giving the beauty and charm in the piece you wish to make. We thank our friends for visiting our site. I hope you have enjoyed a good job and are also satisfied. We apologize for the lack of some works, but we will be working to better serve. Good crochet on everything.
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