How to Make Crochet Blouse with Cap - Pattern

Let's make a crochet blouse with a children's headdress with a good explanation and a very simple tutorial. It's a good design for beginners. This step by step tutorial will show you how to make a crochet blouse d for children with hoods. Suitable for beginners. The crochet is a therapy that helps for those who are very anxious, concerned and needs a little tranquility. Be for distracting, destressing, occupying a vacant time or even getting an extra income, crochet may be an interesting alternative to people who like manual labor. But if you still don't understand exactly how the techniques are, don't worry. We're going to help you. Today, handicrafts will give tips on how to crochet for beginners.


The first step to start crocheting is to understand the needles. They exist in several diameters and for each type of work, there is a specific size. In working recipes usually comes the required size, but the general rule is thin needle for fine line and thick needle for thick line.
Hint: For beginners, prefer fine lines and needles. They're easier to work with.
The second step is to choose the line. Of course the color will depend on the work and recipe you choose. Therefore, for the first crochet you do not need to buy various colors. There are also many brands, but always opt for the color and thickness that your work asks.
Hint: There are lines that are colored. They leave the colored work without you needing to change the line. The result is very beautiful.
A scissors for cast off and cutting the colds is indispensable, but has no specification. It serves any model, as long as it cuts well.
Metric tape
The metric tape is another indispensable item, since you'll measure your work constantly.
These abbreviations are used in recipes, magazines and accessories. Learn:
PB – Low point
MPA – Middle Point high
PA – High Point
PQ – Dot
PBX – Point Very low
Rep – repeat
Now you know how to crochet. Follow the directions of the images and hands to work!
I hope you enjoyed it. If there is dedication, it is increasingly simple to complete the projects you want. Good crochet...

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